Kingdom Under Fire II PS4 Apparently Launching Summer 2014

Kingdom Under Fire II was announced to be coming to the PS4 a couple of months back, though at the time a release date was not given. Not surprising since the game has been pushed back quite often since its initial announcement for PS3 and PC back in 2008.  However Kingdom Under Fire II is allegedly releasing in summer 2014.

Whether that date is only for the Korean release, an Asian specific one or global is unknown. The game will be an MMO and also free to play featuring both hack and slash elements at well as an RTS style too. The PS4 version is also supposed to receive exclusive content.




  1. Dear god, that looks terrible. The combat is an eye-watering abomination of Japanese beat ’em ups and then some. Also, could this be the year we see the industry finally maturing enough where all females in RPGs aren’t blessed with hilariously large breasts and armour that’s made of … well… nothing!

    Get the devs laid then tell them to come back after they’ve “released their frustrations”.

    • Very true. At 1:19 it looks like a dead heat in a zeppelin race!!!
      It really is time the games industry moved on from this stereotype.

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