Starbound Reaches Over One Million Sales

Starbound is a game which features a procedurally generated universe which is open for players to explore. It’s been created by a small team at Chucklefish Games and only entered public beta in December.


Now news of Starbound’s success has been made public by the game’s designer, Finn “Tiy” Brice.

That’s an incredible feat for such a small team and really goes to show how popular this genre of exploratory style games is. It’ll be interesting to see whether the game will jump to any of the consoles from PC.

Source: Twitter



  1. as one of those million buyers i can say it thoroughly deserves every success.

    i gushed over the game quite extensively in the, what we played, article comments this week so i won’t go over it again.

    here, let’s just say the game is brilliant.

    i’d be very surprised if MS and Sony aren’t courting these guys for a console port.

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