Outrise Brings Together Teamwork To Take Down Giant Mechs

Outrise has been revealed by games developer James Wearing as a project being put together by himself and a few other developers. The game is currently being designed to be a multiplayer shooter where players team up to take down incredibly large mechs. It’s being described as Left For Dead meets Shadow Of The Colossus.

At the moment the game is still in its concept stages but the vision is to have up to 16 players try and take down the machine, which itself is controlled by another player. Each member of the team will have their own specialty to help in the battle, while there would be different mechs to control too each with their own features and weaknesses.


The game’s story is focused on a police state called the United States Federation, the ones who build and deploy the mechs, pitted against the rebel group known as Outrise. They’re at war to control the world’s only currency, CryptoCoin.

At the moment the developers are looking for funding from either a private investor, or potentially going to Kickstarter. No platforms for the game have been announced either.

 Source: Polygon/Outrise



  1. “It’s being described as Left For Dead meets Shadow Of The Colossus.” Hello! Count me in. :-)

  2. What’s this about then? Sounds identical to “Evolve” which was announced today…

    • Yeah. I’m confused!
      Same principle but a mech instead of a beast. Sounds like one game could be DLC for the other one. This must be weird for both studios.

      • It’s a bit strange! Maybe an idea was stolen or something, people will probably buy one or the other…

    • Yeah I thought that! Odd…

  3. giggidy

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