Sony Sold 4.2 Million PS4s Last Year

Sony’s Andrew House has just taken to the stage at CES and has announced that the PS4 has sold 4.2 million units worldwide as of December 28th. That added to Microsoft selling 3 million Xbox Ones in 2013 means the new generation has already reached over 7 million combined consoles sold. It follows a strong launch day where a million PS4s were sold

Software sales were also very good for the PS4 with over 9.7 million copies of games such as Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag being picked up from shelves or downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

Take into account that neither console has launched in every market, including Japan, means that number will skyrocket. This is a huge install base for both consoles meaning developers will flock to them. There aren’t any solid figures for how well the Wii U has done in 2013 but it wouldn’t be surprising if the total sales are less than the PS4, but that is just speculation.

Source: Sony Keynote CES 2014



  1. I think though that that sales are going to drop a fair bit until more AAA titles are released for it, I’m already seeing people on TSA complaining they’ve run out of games. Both consoles have had strong starts, but its going to be interesting to see how well they will do convincing people it’s still worth moving onto the new gen.

    • It was always going to happen. There’s loads of hype over the new generation consoles yet they haven’t got the same size library as previous consoles (obviously) and with the new cheaper release on PS3, the seventh generation is still going strong.

    • I’m still on BF4 and haven’t touched Killzone or Lego Marvel yet. Plus I have Contrast, Flower and others.

  2. I’m still playing knack from my launch games! Only opened madden the other day as my friend wants an online game. Killzone, ac4 & putty squad still in the shrinkwrap!

  3. I’ve just seen this. Very silly! Hope it works. :-)

    • Hilarious, the people who make these Kaz gifs are quite clever.

  4. Congrats to Sony. They earned it. Very happy with my PS4 and 2014 is looking like a great year for games.

    • Agreed I love my PS4, roll on stuff like Second Son and The Order!

  5. Excellent, well done Sony. I haven’t run out of PS4 games yet, but none of them have that “I’m going to be playing this and nothing else until i complete it”-factor. Which is why i’m now playing Dishonored goty on PS3. :)

    • I have that gonna play til I plat it with knack, henve most if my ps4 games are still unopened ;)

  6. Is the MS figure sold or ‘sold to retail’ though? I’d heard the latter in which case it’s even more impressive for Sony.

    • Sold through. Quoted in a fair few articles. Sony too.

      This means that both sets of figures are legitimate for all intents and purposes. Interestingly, Sony’s runs until December 28th so a few more days might’ve seen maybe 200,000 more again! Staggering stuff.

  7. Amazing news. Loving my PS4! Killzone and BF4 rule. The Playroom is great fun along with the plus freebies. Long live Playstation!

  8. great news for Sony, just imagine how many more they would have sold if GT6 was next gen.

  9. More big numbers. So if the combined next gen sales are about 7 million and in the UK about 800,000 have been sold, that means our tiny set of islands have bought over 10% of the next gen consoles that have been shifted! Austerity? Pah!

  10. Congrats to Sony. I love my PS4 and have plenty to play too. Loving playing Lego Marvel with my girlfriend and BF4 will keep me busy for ages! Looking forward to Second Son, Watch Dogs and Uncharted too so the future looks bright.

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