Get Even Is An Intriguing New FPS From The Farm 51

It’s okay, we hadn’t heard of this development studio either. That’s understandable though – they’re a brand new outfit, based in Poland. They’ve previously made some of the DLC for Painkiller: Hell and Damnation but the more exciting news is that they’re working on their own brand new first person shooter.


It’s called Get Even and this announcement teaser poses the question: What is real? Which is kind of apt given that I’ve been squinting at some of it for five minutes, trying to work out if it’s live-action with CGI or all CGI or just what exactly is going on. So, mission accomplished, The Farm 51 – you’ve confused me.

There are some lovely effects here, amid some creepy visuals and scenes of torture. No firm platforms announced as yet but their official website says they’re assuming both next gen (this gen?) consoles and high end PC. At least, that’s what I think it says. It’s in Polish and I’m not smart enough to be bilingual.

While snooping around their official website, I also spotted this screenshot linked to the game. It might just be early artwork (and the Polish text might explain it entirely for all I know) but I spotted that the pose of the unlucky gentleman about to be executed is different in the gun’s little thermal screen to how he’s actually posed in the scene. What is real? I wonder if there’s some significance to that?



  1. looks different, I thought the video looked a bit Matrix like?

  2. I think this game uses 3D scanned real environments. At least to some extent.

  3. Real footage with heavy use of CGI at times. Interesting look. Need to see more about the game (and game play) that’s for sure.

  4. that’s one of those, shoot round corners, guns in the picture isn’t it?

    though the image on the gun screen doesn’t seem to quite match what’s going on in front of it.

    anyway, i’ll reserve judgement on the game till they show some footage of the actual game.

  5. You can see in the main picture, the guy is reaching behind his back to grab the pistol tucked into his belt, then in the thermal screen, you can see he’s aiming at the executor, so maybe there’s some sort of time-shift thing going on.
    Either way, the game looks very pretty so I’m definitely interested.

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