Turtle Beach Partners With PlayStation To Produce PS4 Headsets

I love my Turtle Beach PX5s in a way that’s probably illegal in some central African republics. They’re fantastic headphones, as well as a really good headset and I’ve used them for years when I need to embark on more stealthy gaming sessions – particularly at night when my long-suffering wife is adamant that it’s really time for sleeping and I should absolutely shut up now.

But my PX5s don’t work with my lovely new PlayStation 4. They handle game chat via bluetooth, you see, and Sony’s new machine stubbornly ignores Bluetooth headsets. While Sony has promised some kind of firmware update that will restore headset functionality (and I’ve just had a little DS4 adapter cable delivered – though I’m yet to test it), it might be time for some new audio equipment in the Chapman household anyway.

So, I think it’s good news that Turtle Beach is today announcing they’ve entered into a partnership with Sony to make a new range of headsets for the PlayStation 4. The only bad news is that we won’t actually get to see them until this summer and they won’t be in shops until the autumn.

There’s no names or photographs just yet, only the ambiguous promise that there will be “tournament-grade” units as well as gaming and entertainment enthusiast sets.

Until then, we’ll be reliant on this promised patching in of support from Sony, the little adapter cables to plug into our DS4 or perhaps the Turtle Beach PX4s, which are still the only PS4 compatible headset available – we looked at them here just before Christmas, you might have missed that in your eagerness to stuff mince pies down your facehole.


  1. I’m personally really fond of the official Playstation 7.1 headset, Its added a whole new layer of immersion to gaming for me but this sounds pretty interesting. I’ve only tried the Turtle Beach headsets when trying games at EGX and they did sound nice but not nice enough to make me buy. This could be a persuasive move for me though.
    Any timescale for the firmware update for bluetooth functionallity though?

    • is that the Pulse one?

      The firmware update is just “soon” as far as I know, and I heard that they would be patching in support for the official headsets first and then 3rd party ones in a later update.

      • It seems to me that Bluetooth/wireless support should have been available on release day of the PS4. Between this issue and the lack of AAA titles, I spend far more time on my PS3 and 360 than my PS4.

    • I have the same Sony 7.1 Pulse headset.

      I have to say it’s a little disappointing that they don’t work with the PS4. I’d love to play Killzone SF with them on.

    • I’m patiently waiting for Sony to make the 7.1 Pulse Elite headset compatible with the PS4. Do any other wireless headsets come with 7.1 surround sound? The Pulse Elite is the only one I’ve seen so far.
      If I’m buying a headset in that price range, it might as well come with surround sound.

  2. Cam buys Astro A50s. Turtle Beach suck up to PlayStation. Sod’s law, eh? Oh well…

    • On the bright side, Astro A50s are supposed to be amazing, right?

      • They are, fella. Very, VERY impressed with mine. The transmitter handles everything (inputs) and the sound quality feels like a decent set of audio headphones (entry-level Grados or Denons… maybe the £100 mark or so).

        Not just that but it supports two sources at once. Optical In for my PS3 (or PS4 when I get one) and also the USB (for the microphone) is in the PC and means I can have Skype calls or hear emails coming in or listen to music on the computer as well as game (with in-game PS3 music off) if I so choose. Very, very impressed.

        Comfort is great and you can “balance” the volume between sources by pressing left or right on the right can/cup on the ear.

        Expensive? Yes. Worth it. I have to agree.

      • Nicest pressie I had on Christmas. Well… that and Black Flag. Love that game!

      • They are very good. Unfortunately my setup means I don’t think I’m getting proper 7.1 on everything, but it’s still good! They’re very comfortable too. :)

  3. I really hope they sort the Bluetooth issues sooner rather than later. I have the official Sony wireless Mono headset from the PS3 that I want to use (not bothered about having all the sound through the headset) and having my PS3 remote controller working would be awesome rather than the DS4 for films.

  4. Hahaha, no.

    Sorry Playstation, you’re still not going to convince me to actually talk to people online.

  5. I have an official Sony Pulse (Dongle version) and I will hope this is patched in to work very soon, as they should. If that isn’t done before third party headsets are on the market, I will be extremely pissed off.

  6. I was just looking at head sets the other day. Problem I’ve got is that when I game I tend to prefer wearing my glasses, and every headset with the padded ears I’ve had pushes onto my frames and hurts my ears.

    After a bit of looking around I’ve just bought the official ps vita in ear headphones from Sony as they include an inline mic and mute switch, should be much more comfortable. Have read the sound quality is very good too.

  7. After having issues with Tritton headsets I bought a set of PX22s along with the DSS2 Dolby Surround Sound Processor. Uses USB for chat and optical for audio, been delighted with them so far and they work with Vita, PS3, PS34 and PC.

    I had issues with Turtlebeach in the past but these are much better, looking forward to seeing what they bring out.

  8. If it’s the 3.5 male to 2.5 female jack connector you have purchased, I can tell you now it doesn’t work, I brought one hoping I could use my chat cable to no avail.

  9. I have a set of TurtleBeach P11 which work with PS3 and PS4 via USB. Not wireless but they work perfectly.

    • I bought those for my Ps3 last week , used them for ten mins then my beloved PS3 YLOD’d …. i got them as i investigated beforehand to make sure they would work on the PS4 when i get one in March . Good reviews and only £26 delivered .
      Ordered a superslim PS3 as got so many games to complete before i’ll pick up the PS4 .

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