Skyrim Listed By Bethesda For Xbox One And PS4

Bethesda have listed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One twice on their own website.

Website OnlySP also claims to have received an email from Bethesda suggesting a surprise announcement this Sunday, but the fonts used look like they come from the Fallout universe rather than the world of The Elder Scrolls.


Back in March 2013 Bethesda said development ended on Skyrim but they did add the caveat that they “will never truly say goodbye to it.”

Skyrim haunted the top twenty for almost a year and is now well past its second birthday, it does seem an odd choice to spruce up for the new consoles especially when The Elder Scrolls Online is in the works. There again, they might have been able to shove Skyrim’s code into the ESO engine along with some high resolution PC textures and make a quick port.

Personally I think the next-gen listings are an incorrect field entry on a Bethesda database and the email probably relates to Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics, which were taken off digital distribution sites a few days ago.

Source: SPOnly / Bethesda

UPDATE: Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed that the listings were simply an error to do with their website’s CMS.

He also acknowledge the email, and made it clear that this is yet another hoax.


  1. An ultimate edition with all the dlc included on disc, and at 1080p with all the bugs fixed?

    I’m sure the Witcher 3 devs would be annoyed with a re-release taking attention and sales from their game.

    • With all the bugs fixed? keep dreaming :P

  2. Instant buy, loved skyrim if the make this the legendary edition sold too.

  3. what is a “quick por”? :P

    Definately Fallout font. Cant’t wait for the next Fallout, that’s the only game I’m taking time off work for

  4. I loved Skyrim. I would buy it on next gen in a heartbeat. If they have it in development they should try to push it out quickly, with a lull of triple A titles at them minute it could generate some good money.

  5. Let’s hope so, they really need to be focusing on Fallout 4 though =P

  6. I would be quite tempted, lost my save game after sixty hours of Skyrim and not really keen on playing the online game so this would be ideal. I also wouldn’t say no to a Fallout game though.

  7. I would avoid this like the plague. I loved skyrim too much, the obsession almost ruined my life!

  8. 2014-number 4- Fallout 4 confirmed.

    As much as it is probably unlikely, I would get more excited for a new Fallout game than a Skyrim port to next-gen or something similar.

  9. Could do with fixing the PS3 version first :P How people keep supporting this useless developer is beyond me.


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