PS4 Breaks Records, Outselling Every Home Console In The UK Last Year

We all knew that the PS4 was doing well. We knew that there were over 4 million of them sold by the end of the year, and that everything went about as right as it could have done for Sony with this console launch, dwarfing the launches of PS3 and even PS2.

As for UK, the machine managed a staggering 530,000 consoles sold in just five weeks, according to MCV. That makes it the fastest selling console in UK history.


What’s more is the fact that the PS4 outsold every other home console in 2013, despite only being available for around a month of the year. It pipped the Xbox 360 to the post by just a couple of thousand units, securing its status as the number one best-selling home console of last year.

PlayStation’s UK MD Fergal Gara said “We are delighted with the very strong sales of PS4 to date,” before reinforcing the fact that they’re trying to make as many consoles available as possible: “Our focus now is rebuilding stock levels so those have not been able to get a PS4 can finally experience the next-gen.”

Gara concluded with “I’d like to thank the gamers, our retail and publishing partners who played a big part in making this success possible.”

The PS4 was not the best-selling games machine overall however, with Nintendo’s 3DS handheld seeing an extremely successful year and, with the introduction of the 2DS to the family, finding strong sales throughout 2013.



  1. Well done Sony. Lucky nintendo have got the 3DS/2DS as well…

    • Agreed, fella. Takes the edge off the Wii U’s news.

  2. Well done Sony :D
    Now to continue my Killzone Campaign away from that addictive FUT thing in Fifa 14 xD

  3. The PS4 launched in India on Monday, Indonesia yesterday, and will in both Thailand and the Philippines next Tuesday. Xbox One will probably remain competitive at the least in English speaking countries (where it has launched already), but I’m not sure worldwide.

    I’m sure it won’t be long until Sony announces a release for Mainland China

    • Interesting stuff, fella. Whilst Microsoft are busy localising Kinect, Sony get a foothold (and respectable momentum) in territories that don’t necessarily matter individually, but still add up to a fair old number.

      • Yes, and whats unfortunate for Microsoft is that they physically have the units to launch in more territories. In more ways than One (pun not intended), the Kinect is hurting the X1.

  4. This new generation of consoles seems to be getting more and more popular.
    About 6 months back, if I was bored in a pub or some other random place and said I was going home to play on my PS3 I’d be greeted by remarks like ‘you sad b*stard’.
    So far since the release of the PS4 I’m greeted by remarks like ‘Oh cool, I might get one of those myself – What games you playing?’ etc.

    • you sad b*stard

      • I think there seems to be a disruption in the space–time continuum as you obviously wrote that comment 6 months ago.

      • Man I can’t wait for the PS4 to release, only 4 months to go!!!

      • Deary me, this disruption is worse than I first thought. I’m now on my way to the Special-Sainsburys-Cyber-Sale Store to pick up an old 800 terabyte PS6. I better see if I can contact Stephen Hawkin on that strange little box like communicational device which was once known to man as a mobile phone.

  5. Well done Sony :-)

  6. Sony wanted the ‘feel good factor’ they had with the PS2, I think they managed that, and some.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Cam. I haven’t even bought one (yet) and I loved reading everything about the launch as well as the general attitude to their current strategy (both with it being all about gaming and welcoming indie-devs on board with such open arms).

      T’is great.

  7. Can anyone confirm how many xbox ones were sold in the same period?

    The above link to MCV makes out that difference is much greater than a couple of thousand units.

    PS4 = 530000 units
    Xbox one = 364000 units

    • I believe the comment was saying that PS4 sales in 2013 beat Xbox360 sales by a couple of thousand (not XB1).

      • My bad, thanks for pointing that out. lol

  8. funny how mobile gaming was supposed to be killing off consoles, and yet these new machines seem to be selling better than ever.

    • I’ve always said, people don’t switch from halo and Mass effect to angry birds and cut the rope. It’s a new market.

  9. They’ve done really well and deservedly so. They played a blinder last year and i hope they can keep the momentum going.

    • Aye man, I agree. Since the PS4 reveal last February Sony are on a roll and have yet to put a foot wrong.

  10. Impressive numbers. EA must be kicking themselves for giving MS exclusivity on titanfall, look at all those potential sales they have lost. I hope MS paid them a bucket load of cash.

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