Maxis Magicians Make The Impossible Possible By Taking SimCity Offline

Remember when numerous spokespeople for EA and Maxis told us that it was impossible for SimCity to work offline? It was all apparently due to large portions of the simulation being offloaded to servers in the cloud. Well, they must have worked some kind of magic over there at Maxis because now, almost a year after the always-online-but-certainly-not-for-DRM-purposes game launched, it’s going to be patched to work offline.

Patrick Beuchner, General Manager of Maxis Emeryville studio, posted a blog on the official site to outline their plans to add this most requested feature to the city-building game. I think it’s been fairly clear that Maxis has wanted to appease fans with an offline mode for some time and Patrick makes that quite clear by starting his notice by saying SimCity offline is coming and that he’s “wanted to say those words for quite some time.”


After update 10 is disseminated to all existing SimCity players (it’s a free update, naturally), there will be a new “Single Player Mode” option on the menu. Playing this way, you won’t have access to the Global Market or leaderboards but your cities will be saved offline and you can load and save without a connection.

Patrick is keen to point out the benefits of this new mode to the modding community, having announced their modding policies just a few days ago. Obviously, using mods offline means that the online game can hum along happily without any risk of being corrupted by some unwieldy bit of code you’ve installed in a mod.

It’s a shame it took almost a year for EA and Maxis to do what hackers had managed within a few days of the game’s release last year but it does, at least, show willing on the part of the developer and publisher.

Source: SimCity Blog



  1. This whole thing has been a total PR disaster. You can’t just lie to people like that, don’t you know how smart they are?
    Within hours there were wireshark results all over the net showing how little was actually being transferred and then as you say, there were hacks to play it offline. Now they’ve basically admitted it was all BS.

  2. The important thing will be if they learn from this in future releases.

  3. The whole Simcity saga was perhaps my favourite story of last year.

    I’m a champion of foolishness like that.

  4. funny, i thought some guy hacked the game to work offline a week or two after it launched, proving the lie that was the necessity of “the cloud”

    well, actually it seems he just disabled the timer that shut the game down after 30 minutes of being offline.

    but even offline i think i’d stay away from this game, though the always online aspect was the most egregious of it’s problems, it was far from being the only one.

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