Outlast Outed & Confirmed As February’s PS4 Plus Game

A couple of days ago a list leaked regarding February’s content for the PS Plus service, with games such as Bioshock Infinite and Metro Last Light cropping up. Another game that was mentioned was Outlast for the PS4, and today it has been confirmed via the title’s Facebook page that it will be part of the service.

For those not sure what type of title Outlast is here’s a quick breakdown. The game has been developed by Red Barrels, and is a survivor horror set in an asylum with the main character being a journalist who doesn’t do combat. It has already released on PC with very good reception.

I’m a wuss when it comes to these kind of games so I probably won’t play it, or I will so you can all laugh if I broadcast it.

Source: Facebook



  1. Actually sounds like a really good idea to broadcast it. I’m just glad it’s not Outland lol.

  2. Haha I’d watch that stream ;)

    Good news though looks like a good game. Been pretty impressed with the PS4 content of Plus so far. Even though Contrast and Don’t Starve aren’t full price retail they’ve both been enjoyable to play.

    • Agreed. The PS4+ games are fantastic. I just started Contrast recently. I’ve been playing more Don’t Starve than any of my other PS4 games (which include: Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack). I’m excited to see what Outlast can bring to the PS4!

  3. Nice one. Gotta admit I was gonna buy this as it looks like a full on brown trouser incident waiting to happen. Dead Space and The Suffering not to mention Condemned scared me daft so here’s hoping this offering more of the same. . You canny beat a good scary :-)

  4. Looks like a really good game for them to offer!

  5. Looks good, i might have to play it in short doses though! :)

  6. So does this confirm Driveclub is delayed until at least March?

    • Don’t be surprised if Driveclub releases in February to coincide with the Japanese launch of the PS4 console as a big pulling launch title. The Japanese are known to love their racing games and this would be big hitter I’d suspect. That said, I don’t see any reason why the game couldn’t see a global launch including the PS Plus version.
      I’ve always suspected release timing being the main reason for delays in this games case!

  7. This’ll be great played in the dark with the surround sound on.

  8. I saw this trailer months ago and thought wow Mirrors Edge with Zombies…it loos an awesome game and glad to be getting it with PS+!

  9. This looks pretty good although I was hoping Driveclub would be PS4’s Plus game for Feb.

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