PlayStation Store Update: 15/12/14 – AC Liberation HD, DLC And Bad Avatars

It’s Wednesday. That means a new selection of goodies are now available for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Not that there’s very much to choose from, particularly in the way of new games. There’s Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD for PS3 at £15.99, but that’s about it. It’s like we’ve gone back in time six years!


The DUST 514 W.A.R. Kit – Hoplon is now free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, until the 28th of January, and there’s a new PS Mobile game which might get some time to shine with the lack of releases. It comes from The Liverpool Office, which is mistakenly named as the game’s name on the PlayStation Blog. I have deduced that the game releasing is in fact Crystal Ice. So there you go.

Aside from that, there’s plenty of DLC to keep you happy, including a skin pack for Killzone Shadow Fall, a Wolf Skin for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and a lot of new songs for Rocksmith DLC. You can see the full list on the PS Blog.

Furthermore, there are some shockingly bad avatars and dynamic themes this week. First, there’s the Ironic Avatar which is basically just WordArt, the stretched To Infinity & Beyond avatar which might make any typographer a bit sick, and a Rage Comics Dynamic Theme. The blog post doesn’t mention any of these, and I’m surprised they can get submitted. It’s literally text on a background for the avatars.



  1. “It’s like we’ve went back in time six years!” – You are wanted for crimes against English.

  2. God damn those are terrible avatars! I expected bad jokes, not poorly formatted text using fonts from the ’90s!

    • Just had a look. Amazing. Surely better ways to spend a quid!?

  3. Where are the ps4 updates? There’s just been nothing since its release. Pretty shocking if you ask me, if you’re going to release a new console you surely need a steady flow of new content post release!?!

    • I don’t have one yet but I’ve been getting the impression that releases have been really thinly spread and have slowed to a crawl since Christmas. Shame really, and worryingly similar to the slow start the PSP and Vita had. Would anyone be able to say if the X1 is in the same boat?

  4. I wish the Avatars weren’t included in the “New This Week” section, they suck and take up loads of useful space and loading time.

    Not much for me this week.

  5. Good job I remembered AC Liberation a couple of days ago, before the 25% pre-order discount vanished. It’ll keep me going until the PS4 version of AC4 comes down to a sensible price anywhere.

    Worth a download. Looks reasonably good, and it’s more of an Assassin’s Creed game than 3 was. Someone please tell me it doesn’t have any of that sailing nonsense later on in the game. Please? Those bits in 3 were terrible (and kind of putting me off 4, to be honest)

    • 4’s sailing is the best part, and I hated it in 3.

      • Still doesn’t mean it belongs in an Assassin’s Creed game. Should be about running around on rooftops and assassinating people. With the odd tediously annoying “follow someone who stops at random points that make no sense at all without getting seen” mission. And some ill-advised tower defence nonsense. And the occasional stupid chase mission you fail 23 times for no obvious reason. And some ridiculous present day nonsense plots.

        Hmm, now I think about it, how can any of the Assassin’s Creed games be any good at all? They’ve all got stupid crap bits in. I guess somehow the good bits make up for it. Or there are enough good bits to generally please everyone. (I’m probably the only person that enjoyed the first part of AC3, for instance)

      • That’s why it’s good – they took something that was a “stupid crap bit” and made it “amazing best bit”.

      • Funny how they never tried doing that with the tower defence bit from whichever one that was. Brotherhood or Revelations.

        Ok, so the sailing bits in 3 were slightly better than that nonsense. But not much.

      • After playing AC4 on the PS4 going back to play Liberation on the PS3 was a big shock, controller feels insubstantial (or should that be unsubstantial) graphics look ropey, loading times were terrible. Still a good game for what it is however I found it so hard to play after the pleasure of the PS4

  6. It is Wednesday and that means another day has passed us by on the road to Tomb Raider. Sod the little update and you can keep those shoddy avatars Mr Sony.

  7. if i didn’t already have it on Vita, there’d probably only be Liberation for me.
    but as i do, nothing to interest me this week.

    but god damn, those avatars, that they even let something like that on the store in the first place, do they have any standards left?

  8. I was hoping there might be something new for PS4.Anyone know when Hohokum or Octodad are being released?

  9. Dare I say it, the Wii U eshop had more support than the PS4.

    Probably just as well due to my post Christmas debt.

  10. Right near the end of AC4, so will get Liberation next week.

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