Ubisoft Is Going To Make A Tetris Game For Next Gen Consoles

In today’s exciting instalment of “well, we didn’t see that coming!” we have some strange news from Ubisoft. The French development and publishing company has sent around a press release to let everyone know how they plan to help Tetris celebrate its 30th birthday.

There’s not much information at the moment, aside from the vague generalities that often accompany these announcements. Yves Guillemot says, for example, “We’re very excited to start working with this world-renowned brand, and can’t wait to combine Ubisoft’s expertise and all the capacities of next-gen consoles to create an exciting new Tetris experience for fans.” which tells us precisely nothing.

One thing we do know, however, is that Tetris is a huge global phenomenon in videogames. It launched first in 1984, with more than 50 platforms and 185 countries seeing a release of a “Tetris branded product” since then. At least, that’s what this press release says. The only thing I know for sure is that it has the most catchy theme music ever used in anything ever. It’s in my head now and it’ll probably be there for approximately seven months now. Thanks for that, Ubisoft.

Source: Press release


  1. Why? What can you still do with Tetris really?
    Either you completely change it which no one wants or you leave it largely the same in which case, why bother?


    • Did you never play Tetrisphere on the N64? That was a pretty extravagent reimagining and was also one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever played…

      • That game was originally designed for the atari jaguar & was called phear. Nintendo came in with the big $$ and made it a N64 exclusive. Still waiting for it to appear on the Jaguar ;)

  2. Can’t wait. Give me as much Tetris as possible. Just as long as they don’t ‘modernise’ the music (or at least give me the option for classic sounding stuff), and please let me not have an outline showing me where each piece will land. I’m looking forward to this. Tetris is the best.

  3. Tetris, now with particle effects!

    • And in 4K, 120fps!

    • They can just make it super vivid and with effects, block on fire, blocks on ice, blocks ….with rune spells.
      Just make everything shiny and release it on handhelds as well. :D

  4. Music in the head – Mario on the Gameboy. Once heard it never stops rolling around on repeat in your head…

  5. The T block stands over the abyss watching as his brothers and sisters get swallowed by the darkness. This is what they’ve been trained to do, believe in the guidance of a higher power to direct them to the right place.

    No one knows what lies on the other side if you’re successful but everyone knows death welcomes you if you fail.

    It’s his turn now. He steps off the edge, falling towards the unknown. A melody starts to play, and the screams of his comrades fills his ears….

    *fade to black*

  6. So glad I spent all that money on a next gen console so I can play Tetris, again. If it’s more than a quid it’s a rip off.

    • lol I’m hoping it’s done in a fashion similar to Beat Hazard on the PS3.

    • Agreed. Maybe one day, we’ll get an actual next gen game for our next gen consoles….

      It still only seems to be the publishers that are seeing any tangible benefit from this generation of hardware.

  7. I’m completely happy playing Tetris on my computer. I don’t really see the point in having Tetris on next-gen because I would rather play several other games instead. I’m sure some people will still buy it so long as it is reasonably priced. Who knows the new Tetris may have the WipEout-ish details included just like that recently announced Titan Fall controller lol.

  8. Is this Tetris game to keep us going until Watch Dogs, The Crew and The Division?

  9. Only £1.99 to unlock to T-block! I seriously hope Ubisoft aren’t going to turn into EA… :/

  10. I guess I am one of those few people, who never got into tetris…

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