Unity 4.3 Brings PlayStation Vita Support To The Public

Unity is a very popular and versatile development tool. Many developers use it, including Mike Bithell for Thomas Was Alone and Volume and The Fullbright Company, for Gone Home. It’s a way to develop cross-platform titles with less effort when porting between systems.

That’s how Mike Bithell will be bringing Volume to a plethora of platforms, including PlayStation Vita, when it releases later this year. His game is still in development, but any established developers will now be able to port their games to the handheld system.


This will also bring platform-specific functionality, such as use of the motion sensors, front and rear cameras, dual analog sticks, and even rear touch pad support. As well as that, PSN features such as networking, matchmaking, friends and even trophies are available for developers.

Previously, Zoink! released Stick it to the Man using Unity, developing the game for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. This released last year and was a very successful effort, as we scored it 8/10 in our review.

So, what this means is that we could be seeing another influx of indie games on the system, with all of the Unity-only games being able to be ported over to the system with relative ease. Any SCE licensed Unity developer can now quickly and easily port their game to PlayStation Vita.



  1. Good news for the PSV ;) I ‘m just happy the psv tv is also not region locked, so I wonder if Sony will start pushing that a bit more for whenever we finally get a release here

  2. And don’t forget PS4 supports unity somewhat, so potential for cross-buy and cross-play. But Vita will definitely be the biggest gainer for Unity with indies.

  3. Great to hear this, the more developers able to work on the Vita with little hassle means better support and more games. Everybody wins. Yet to get one myself but the list of games, including indies, just seems to keep on going so I know that even if I had the chance I’d be playing games for a good while. :)

  4. More indie games on the vita the better in my book. Although I`m enjoying Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. I think the more indie type games are a better fit on the vita.

  5. Good news, some of the best games on the Vita are indie titles and with upcoming indies like OlliOlli and Nuclear Throne making their way to the system soon the more the merrier!

    Pretty graphics are great, but you need the game play to go with that – something some of the big software giants should probably think about.

  6. Great news! If indie is what the Vita will be most famous for then so be it. The few ‘ve played have been top notch and I’m more than happy with a trickle of big budget masterpieces as the cherry on top of a big, tasty trifle of portable, clicky buttoned, dual analogue sticked indie. Now, where’s Fez?

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