Are Your DualShock 4 Sticks Wearing Away?

In the run up to launch, there was rumour that the DualShock 4 thumbsticks weren’t quite as durable as people had hoped. Pictures filtered out of well worn controllers from demo stations where the rubber texture to the left stick had been worn away.

Of course, at that time it was easy to shelve the discussion, with early production materials and hardware being used, and subject to a lot of abusive wear and tear from consoles being carted from one game show to another.

Two months since the initial launch and it’s not as easy to dismiss. There are reports and pictures from a wide range of people that have seen not just the texture being lost, but the outer layer itself being worn away to such a degree that it splits and breaks through to the main plastic underneath. Though my own controllers haven’t deteriorated to that degree, one of Peter’s has.


He’s quite bitter about this.

To try and see just how widespread an issue this really is, we’d like for you to share with us your own experience with the DualShock 4, and whether the analogue sticks are fit for purpose.

Just pop your answer down in the poll below, but also feel free give us a little more context in the comments below, and we’ll come back to the results some time next week.



  1. I have two, and the rubber is still fine, on both. Upto now anyway.

    • Same here.

    • Two pads. Both after some severe pasty are like new :-)

  2. One of mine is showing slight wear on the left stick. Noticed it yesterday.

    • Same for me, left stick and it’s the one that was bundled in with the console. The extra one bundled in with the extra cardboard packaging in the gamer pack is fine. What’s more, the one that’s wearing down also feels worse in the hand, with the two plastic sections not quite meeting properly and creaking if squeezed slightly.

      I have 10 sets of replacement sticks though which should last me the life of the console.

  3. This isn’t really a problem for me. i have two kids so get to play about 30 minutes a week at best. It’ll take me a long time to wear them down.

    If only I could wear mine down as much as Peter has. If he want to know true bitterness he should come round to mine….

  4. The bottom of my left stick is much smoother than anywhere else. I’m heavy handed though and have broke many controllers before. I know some people who have sent them off to sony and have got a new one free of charge (still under warranty).

  5. I have two and both are fine. I think if its wearing thin, send it back, its faulty. End of.

    • Also, I would say the worst thing about the controller is R1/L1 sticking. Thats really annoying.

      • There is a fix for that involving popping the button off and a dab of WD40 – Google for more details :)

      • One of my DS4s has a sticky R1. Particularly annoying when playing Pinball Arcade… I’ll look into this WD40 thing.

      • Works too, my L1 was sticking – Amazon said they’d replace it but I’d have to wait till they had stock (this was soon after release) – ended up popping the button off and using the WD40 – been fine since, you get a build up of dust which causes it to stick a bit.

        Sony will replace it, but you have to pay shipping (that’s what I was told anyway) so screw that.

    • This is the pertinent point. Get a replacement – it’s what warranty’s are for.

  6. This started happening to my DS4 after a few weeks of light use. Very annoying. God knows what it will look like in a year.

  7. There’s one issue I have that seems to be happening to others; a sticky L1 button. Not sure if this is wide spread, but my sticks are fine.

  8. No issues on both of mine as yet, guess I’m either lucky or don’t use much pressure on the sticks themselves?

  9. My PS4 hopefully finally arrives next week, I guess the sticks are fine… ;o)
    Doesn’t look good, however, got a couple of broken PS3 controllers around, but it took them a lot longer to wear off, it seems… *getting worried*

  10. Yeah, both of my controllers have worn down, happened by mid December so only a few weeks of owning. Very disappointed, will get round to contacting Sony at some point to get them replaced.

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