Respawn: No Titanfall Beta, Just A “Limited Technical Test”

A beta test once meant a way for developers to stress test their servers and gain valuable feedback from players about the balance of their game in a real-world scenario. Testing is a huge part of game development, and beta testing is required for almost every game.

Somewhere along the line, in the last generation, the term evolved to mean “an online demo”, so developers could no longer use it to describe limited technical testing and have to use convoluted and nonsensical terms such as “limited technical test” instead.


“We don’t have any beta news at this time” says the official Respawn twitter account despite them clearly talking about a closed beta test with a heavy NDA. They’ve even sent invites out, which appear to be going to Battlefield 4 players.

Now, it could be described as an alpha test but, generally, that’s a bit earlier than two months before the game’s release, and that’s probably been done internally with real-world scenarios.

So, we could still see a Titanfall demo, or “beta”, before release, but this closed testing of the beta version of the game is definitely not a closed beta test.



  1. Soon, everyone will just call it “Early Access”, and charge you the full price just for the privilege of playing a broken, incomplete game.

    • I thought that was the norm already, just minus the Early Access.

    • I’m sure that’s what just happened when I paid EA/Dice £40 for Battlefield 4…. ;)

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