Guest Writer: Why I Cheated In GTA Online

This article was written by TSA community member Kitch.

I cheated on GTA V. I created my own server and gave myself a huge cash boost. I reached level 263 by robbing just one store. I’m not ashamed to write this and I’m aware of the backlash this confession could create, but I think Rockstar have shot themselves in the foot by monetising GTA online and ended up hurting the online game.

I was level 65 before I stumbled across the GTA hack on YouTube, having spent many, many hours on GTA Online. But I had done virtually no missions or races up until that point, and most of my time playing GTA V is spent either leaping off buildings, jumping through the Vinewood sign or barrel rolling Titans. I just want to “play” about.

GTAV Opinion 2

The thought of having to take part in a competitive deathmatch, CTF or Race puts me off GTA Online, but doing so is the only way to enjoy my pastime of achieving absolutely nothing. Titans aren’t cheap and the odds are stacked against you when it comes to stealing a Rhino tank, but sometimes you just need to try and land a tank on the wings of a flying Titan cargo plane.

The single player game lets you cheat as much as you like and you can spawn a Rhino, Titan or a number of guns whenever you wish. By doing so you disable the trophy system, turning it into a pure sandbox, but this option isn’t available online. Why can’t I host a game where missions and races are disabled, but planes, cars and guns are only a phone call away?

Instead of monetising the online cash, I feel that Rockstar should have given the option to buy a zero XP and zero cash earning lobby. I would have paid real money for that, but since it wasn’t available, I created my own. I used my hacked character in a friends only lobby and used the cash to buy stuff to break and mess around with.

When you create a boosted server you disable all the missions and races anyway, so the only thing you can do is play around. By doing this, who have I hurt?

I’ve enabled cheats for online use while not earning any trophies or XP. The cash has been used to buy vehicles that are then trashed but no missions or races have been completed. Instead of banning players like me they should be asking why we did what we did. I didn’t hack my character to get ahead or earn trophies, I hacked so I could play the game the way it was intended to be played, the same way the single player can be and the way that GTA IV could be played online.


A Rhino tank costs $750k online, while it costs £11.99 in real money for $1.25m online cash. There’s no possible way I can say a tank is worth a little under £6, and then you still have to deal with the retrieval costs when the wing landing stunt goes wrong.

I understand that Rockstar are a business and need to make money, but surely they could have charged for DLC and not have borrowed and applied methods from free to play games to your continued online play. The Beach Bum DLC could have been around £4, the creator stuff around £5 when it comes out of beta and the heists around the £7 mark.

Rockstar said that by keeping the DLC free they are keeping everyone playing, but by charging for in-game vehicles they are excluding those of us that just want to explore and test the extremes of the game mechanics rather than grind.

I abhor spawn campers and cheaters in games, but by creating a character that I can buy anything with have I really cheated? As I’ve said several time, I don’t play missions or races; I simply play a game the way I think it should be played – in a fun way that has no adverse affect on anyone else with me and to further the shenanigans we’re already enjoying.



  1. You paid for the game, so you can do what you like with it as far as I’m concerned. As long as its a private server and you aren’t hurting anyone else, then go for it.

  2. I find all forms of modding to be awful. Breaking a game to make you limitless is breaking the design developers spend years trying to perfect.
    Meanwhile the rest of the world is paying real money to get what you have effectively stole.

    I get why you did it but it lacks morals.

  3. I like the idea of buying a private server with cheats enabled and everything else disabled… Dice released something like that for Battlefield 3 and you could set your own rules for the server… If someone disobeyed they were kicked… If Rockstar gave the owner of the server the choice to enable or disable the cheats/achievements, I would probably purchase one just for the sake of having a cheats server..

    • However, private are removed in BF4, so it must have led to problems, to close that extra revenue off. GTAIV had a private anything goes lobby, but modders weren’t content & the whole of online became unplayable.

  4. Since they took my 2 billion dollars I didn’t want to play anymore GTA is boring this go round. Good thing I bought everything first

  5. If you’re going to hack the game, at least do it right. You say you hosted your own game server? How is it then, that they were able to ban you? Is it possibly because you neglected to host your character data on a fake cloud server? Well, you shot yourself in the foot. You say you didn’t cheat to give yourself an advantage, well, am I supposed to just take your word for it? If this were true, you would’ve hosted your own character data. They can’t ban you if you do it right. You probably couldn’t do it right, because I’m guessing you bought all of your pre-made hacks from a website. Real hackers don’t use cookie cutter methods to cover their tracks. You clearly don’t know what you’re doing. Also, this article is glorifying the practice that you abhor, so you’re enabling others that don’t have the high moral fiber that you claim to have. Also, by boosting your character’s stats, you and others are delaying the DLC by making extra work for Rockstar. It costs money to shut down the game for maintenance to ban your lazy ass. Real hackers don’t write whiny articles about how it’s not fair that they are banned for cheating in a video game. Game modding used to be cool, but it’s clear by your priorities that the whole modding community has turned into a 6th grade classroom. DIY, or STFU.

  6. Do none of you see the irony in your own arguments? You are complaining about a player who does not wish to be farmed for XP. This is irritating to you grinders as the only question is whether free roam or matches yield more XP/hr, but the OP and many others would sooner mind their own business and pull out a tank when the perpetual firefight intrudes on their play; not to take advantage, but to deter you from attacking at all. Your morality stance on hacking is determined by its effects on your XP/hr, stating as long as it isn’t in public rooms you’re fine with it. Not every player would so willingly be part of the game mechanics behind grinding and levelling. In a game so keen on social commentary its also amusing so many of you posting here are conforming happily to be a tooth on a cog of the great machine.

  7. Can’t say I blame you at all. I’ve never cheated at it, but I don’t have any problem with the idea of someone doing it to get some toys to play with. Been grinding away with the reduced XP just to get a damn helicopter, and the insane amount of hoops you have to jump through just to get a grand or two is ridiculous. It’s obviously a bit of a scam to get people to buy their damn Shark Cards. I doubt that I’ll be playing it much longer. It’s just stopped being fun.

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