Grand Theft Auto V Listed For PC At European Amazon Sites

A little while ago, rumours broke out from Amazon that GTA V would be releasing on PC around March this year. We hadn’t heard much since then, but now both the French and German branches of the retailer giant have listed the PC version of the game, although the former site has taken their listing down.



It’s common for games to be listed on Amazon before their official reveal, and March sounds like a suitable release date – that will be six months after the release of the game on PS3 and Xbox 360.

There’s still no word on PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game, but the PC version was allegedly recorded and uploaded to YouTube last week before being promptly removed due to a claim by Take-Two.

Once we have confirmation of this PC release, then we’ll be looking for a PS4 and Xbox One launch date. And then we’ll promptly move on to GTA 6 or Rockstar’s next project – it never ends.

Source: Amazon, via DualShockers



  1. I wouldn’t mind having a next gen copy if you could just purchase the online mode at a cheaper price with co-op heists etc. As much as I enjoyed playing through the single player campaign, I wouldn’t want to go through it again.

    • That’s a good idea, I think I’d buy that too! Inevitably there will be DLC for the single player side though and that will definitely be worth playing, so may as well just pick up another copy of the game :) I can’t wait to see the PC version in action, I bet it looks glorious, being and on the ICE mods that only one billionaire persons computer can have a hope of running!

  2. I’d get it for PS4 if they did the £10 upgrade thingy, even though I’ve 100%ed the single player.

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