New Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gameplay Trailer Delivers Some Astounding Footage

Battles and sieges.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was announced by Warhorse Studios last month for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s set during the Medieval era in Europe without the fantasy element, and is powered by CryEngine3. The initial minute long trailer looked great, and now the studio has released an eight minute video showing the gameplay footage.

It looks amazing with full blown large scale battles, castle sieges and an insane amount of detail in the environment itself. The game itself doesn’t have a publisher, with Warhorse taking to Kickstarter to get funded, a third of the way to their goal of £300,000 with a month left.

Personally I hope they reach that target because in all honesty I want to play this game. Then again I love my open world RPGs.

Source: Youtube


  1. Wow if I had $500000 they could have it off me. I’ve never supported anything on Kickstarter before but I really want this game. I’ve always wanted a true medieval war game. Gimme gimme gimme.

  2. I’m not certain if i would like a game which relies heavily on first-person swordplay, but wow it looks stunning and i would buy it just to explore the world they’ve created. It’s unbelievable that they don’t have a queue of publishers already clamouring for a deal. I hope the kickstarter works out for them.

  3. Looks like a kickstarter… seems to be missing something… think it’s dragons…

  4. If any game on Kickstarter needs to be supported this is one of them. The footage they showed was jaw dropping.

  5. I’m confused by their Kickstarter. Their pledge levels seem to only mention Act 1, yet they seem to have plans for 3 acts?
    Even so, £15 for the game is incredible, just a shame release is estimated at nearly 2 years away and I don’t like Kickstarters!

  6. That’s that backed then.

  7. Don’t forget Oculus Rift support :-)

  8. Looks and sounds great, not convinced though yet. I hope they do well though.

  9. I just want to play a medieval game without zombies or witches. Nobody makes a real RPG with real persons where you actually kill people. It’s like game companies are afraid.

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