Paradox Interactive Goes To War With Hearts Of Iron IV

Paradox Interactive held its own convention today where the studio had some major announcements, including two new games and expansions for both Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV. Let’s start with the major announcement of the convention.


Hearts Or Iron IV, announced three and a half years after Hearts Of Iron III’s release, will once again take place during World War II allowing players to control of a nation as one of the most brutal conflicts takes place embroiling the majority of countries.

The second game announced is an RPG called Runemaster which has been inspired by Norse mythology with the maps and quests both being procedural. The game offers six different worlds as well as tactical combat where you can control troops.

The Europa Universalis IV expansion is called Wealth Of Nations and will be focused on trading. Crusader Kings II’s new expansion is called Rajas Of India, expanding India’s role in the game’s grand scheme of things.

Source: Paradox/PCWorld