New Get Even Information Explains How Reality Will Be Blurred

Get Even was announced a few weeks back by relatively unknown developer The Farm 51, with its premise based on the question of what is real. The game is an FPS but one that wants to challenge player’s perceptions of what they’re seeing in the game, both in solo play and multiplayer. In an interview with VG24/7 The Farm 51’s co-founder Wojciech Pazdur details just how the gameplay will work.

The marquee mechanic is central to how this works and it allows players to move through each other’s playthroughs, with them not knowing they’re in someone’s game. Wojciech explains:

“It’s just part of your single-player experience, and you have to fight your way against enemies, and some of them can be human. Why is that? Well, it’s all about our concept which asks at many different levels, ‘what is real?’ Our teaser was asking the question ‘what is real?’ when you’re comparing the real world film sequences shown against in-game environments, which are presented in the in-game engine.

“That’s one way we’re trying to play with this question, but the second level is in the gameplay experience where you are simply entering the game, when you see some enemy running at you, and you don’t really know if he’s an AI bot or human. You can somehow deduct it from his behaviour, but you can never be sure that someone who is playing against you is a bot you can just kill and shoot, or a real human who can play very different tactics.”

If you do not wish to experience that then there is an option to not allow people to enter your game, or you entering theirs. It sounds like a very interesting mechanic, kind of like an evolution from the game invasions of Demon’s Souls, except you don’t know if you’re shooting at a bot or a person. However this is only present in one of the two campaigns available in Get Even, with a linear plot serving as completely solo while a more open campaign allows for players to cross paths.

Get Even does sound like it could be a very interesting game if it is pulled off right, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

Source: VG 24/7



  1. Like Mind Jack then but maybe good?

  2. The closest I’ve seen to this is Resident Evil 6. The implementation was a little clumsy but it was pretty interesting

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