Sony Responds To DualShock 4 Wearing & Tearing

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve asked you to tell us whether or not your DualShock 4 controllers were suffering from wear and tear, even splitting on the edges of the analogue sticks. In the end, our poll gave some quite surprising results.

Of over 6,000 votes, 37.52% of respondents reported some form of wear and tear, with 9.95% suffering from the rubber splitting. Taking those results at face value would indicate that millions of controllers are affected.


We reached out to Sony for a statement on the issue, and their response to our figures was as follows:

A very small number of users have reported to us that the rubber surface of their Wireless Controller DUALSHOCK®4’s analogue sticks have torn.

Although the rubber material of the analogue sticks fulfils our quality assurance standard, we will inspect individual DUALSHOCK®4 controllers experiencing this symptom, and will replace them with new ones for free as long as they are within the warranty.

While we would disagree that practically 1 in 10 controllers is a small number, even taking into account the potential variance of a polling sample, the message here is that if your DualShock 4 suffers from this then you need to exercise your warranty rights. Getting in contact with the retailer you purchased from and/or Sony will enable you to get a free replacement.

For now, it’s business as usual and this is being dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We’ll just have to wait and see whether it develops any further.



  1. Got my PS4 finally on Saturday, my controller is still fine… :o)

    • You can just replace the analog sticks yourself.

    • Mine started wearing off only after a couple of months I suggest not to take your chances.
      All my controllers are wearing Grip IT covers and I would highly recommend them. Got mine from

  2. One caveat:
    That wasn’t random testing, it’s not one in ten.

    It’s one in ten controllers from an audience of regular gamers who visit gaming websites- that would skew such data in a big way, as opposed to the raw number of PS4 controllers wearing down.

    Also, where people who responded had multiple controllers, but only one showed wear and tear would have to be accounted for too.

    That said, even if the actual number is more than ten times smaller, it’s not a good sign after only a couple of months at most use.

    • That’s very true, and I’ve been sure to point out that this isn’t going to have been a perfect sample.

      However, just being an avid gamer (and lets not forget that big gamers are the most likely early adopters here) and putting a few extra hours in each week shouldn’t lead to this. Not after 2 years, let alone the 2 months we’re seeing. Anecdotally, plenty of people are saying that this happened after an even shorter space of time or with only quite light use.

      As for having multiple controllers, for every person that had an extra controller that wasn’t worn, I’m sure there was another that had an extra controller that was worn. I have, and could only vote once.

      So, maybe an imperfect poll, but I think just the fact that so many people are seeing wear, even within just one gaming community, is quite a bad sign.

    • Also, as with any poll the data is unreliable due to the fact that the people most likely to respond are those who’ve had the issue.
      I responded because I’ve had the issue. If I hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have bothered.
      To be fair, tsa had openly stayed the obvious inaccuracy of the poll data at every opportunity, it won’t give reliable info on percentage of people with the problem but it does give some insight into there being quite a lot of problem controllers out there.

    • Check out Amazon reviews of the controllers, plenty of comments there with similar issues.

      • Plenty of trolls too unfortunately. Hopefully TSA doesn’t have that as a huge problem, but you can’t discount negative stat padding.

        If you filter by ‘Verified Amazon Purchase’ and read the content the stats are a lot lower.

        A problem for Sony for sure, but hopefully a batch or production issue that they can trace and fix.

      • Frankly we shouldn’t question TSA for bringing the issue up for debate, and while the poll might not have been entirely reliable, are they ever?

        People are screened for any kind of survey, I am on a survey panel myself, and generally if I don’t meet the expected criteria I am declined the opportunity to enter said survey.

      • Nobody screens online polls, including TSAs and Amazon feedback. That’s kinda the point.

      • You can just replace the analog sticks yourself.

  3. Good job I have two controllers. I haven’t used the second controller so I can use it when I send off the faulty one. Then, when I get the replacement, I’ll send off the second controller (which will no doubt have worn away by then) and use the new replacement controller. Brand new DS4’s every few weeks. For a year at least. Hopefully they will have upgraded the rubber by then.

  4. Mine came today ,once I’m off the bog I’m about to go open it downstairs with girlfriend. Wont be much I can do if Sony network is having that maintenance. Just my luck. Right here goes.

  5. Mine has absolutely no wear at all. but I`m not a heavy gamer, but have been playing Resogun quite heavily

    • No wear either, I’ve I use mine just about daily, but it’s good to know Sony are happy to replace when necessary.

  6. I’m playing it safe and getting some stick covers so they get worn away rather than the actual controller.

    That’s no real excuse for Sony but I’m sure as time goes on they will phase in better stick longevity, perhaps even already as the non-bundled controllers seem to fare better from what people are saying.

    • The ORB ones are brilliant, adds much better grip and has the added benefit of protecting the sticks.

      • Concave or convex is the quandry though. The ones with loads of little bumps or just on the four corners. I get mine today so then I’ll decide.

      • The little bumps one for me personally, I just prefer the feel. Got the xbox style ones on my spare controller. You could also mix and match!! ;)

        Good luck fitting them, they were a bit of a pain lol.

    • You can just replace the sticks yourself. You can even get ps3 sticks, xbox one sticks (which im currently using.). Whatevz you prefer. Its easy.

  7. Pretty lame response to what is obviously a problem for many people. They need to raise their quality assurance standards.

    Given that TSA’s poll only required a simple click I don’t think you can say only people affected would have voted.

    • Cool story.

      • If you disagree please elaborate. No need for snarky comments.

      • That sort of comment isn’t mega-helpful Jesse. As Starman says, if you have something to say, TSA loves a good sensible debate so by all means, please do elaborate.

  8. Maybe you lot just don’t look after your controllers & that’s why it is what it is, I have 4 pads yes you read right 4, 2 blacks, 1 red & 1 blue & I am a heavy gamer none if this has happened cause I look after my quadruplets :)

    • As i’ve said before i’ve got no wear an tear on my 2 DS4’s from my bundle,I game virtually every day for sometimes hours, I’m jabbing and pressing up on those sticks running around on the likes of COD and Battlefield willy nilly and not a sign of any issues.

  9. Any chance you can post the Sony contact number for the lazy people like me?
    My red controller split last night and my bundled controller is on the way

    • 0844 736 0595, which is one of those annoying numbers that skirt around the free 0845 and 0870 calls that most landlines now provide.

      • Handy site I’ve used many times over. Click “Search” then bash in the details. The number you’ve posted returns with:

        Sony UK
        0844 736 0595
        Actual geographic number 020 7859 5000
        Entertainment UK HQ – ask for Customer Services for PlayStation Support

        I’ve used a London number before and asked for PlayStation Support. Worked a treat.

    • split? What the heck have you been doing to it? It’s hard plastic lol

      • He means the analogue stick, I’m sure. You know… the bit we’re all talking about with this series of articles. ;)

  10. you can’t really ask any more from Sony, if its faulty they clearly said they will replace them. Done.

    For me I find the quality of the controller much better. I’ve not had any problems with the sticks at all. Just a sticky R1/L1.

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