Gran Turismo 6 Update Adds New Cars & A Birthday Surprise

There’s a new update available for Gran Turismo 6 with six new additions now live in the game, which includes a new car and a way for the game to give you a birthday themed gift. The update includes:


  • The Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept car, which was shown at the 2013 SEMA show. The car is available to buy through the dealership, or you can gain it by completing a new seasonal challenge.
  • A new version of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, which originally released in December, is also available and can be earned through the seasonal challenge.
  • The second part of the Red Bull Challenge is ready for you to complete in career mode, with new challenges to test your skills in a Formula racer.
  • The ability to remove the ghost car from arcade time trial and free run.
  • Seasonal events now display what prizes you’ll get for completing them.

The birthday surprise mentioned in the headline will see the game award you a car from the year or a year around your birth, and that car will be given within a week of your birthday, and it will be yours forever.

Source: PS Blog



  1. A nice update. I found the Mercedes & Corvette seasons a nice challenge . Of the 2 new Red Bull Challenges, the Championship is ace. Such a cool car and the AI are decent, but the final Time Trials are too easy.

    • Yeah , it’s nice to get the final jigsaw piece of the game with the Red Bull events. Like you say the Vettel time trials which are a copy of the GT5 Vettel X1 Red Bull challenges have been toned down a lot by way of time needed for Gold standard. It took me 7 months to gold the GT5 Vettel time trial events but it took only one attempt to gold these GT6 Red Bull time trials.
      Although fair play, I guess it’s only inkeeping with the rest of the toned down challenges within GT6 as a pose to GT5.
      Still, nice to be back to 100% game progress which ranged through 102%-99%-100% lol.

  2. Too bad my birthday is fake on PSN, I hadn’t turned 18 when I got the PS3 so I added a few years just in case it’d block me from accessing or playing something.

    Wish I could change it now, so I actually get a car from my birthyear. But then it did make me feel safer when the PSN got hacked, knowing my ID was partly wrong.

  3. But my birthday was over a week ago, glad I didn’t buy GT6…….. not really but still holding out for a PS4 version.

  4. Looks like i’ll be playing some GT6 on Feb. 3rd! Unfortunately I already know what Bday car im going to get, as Ive got 2 of them . Oh well, I suppose 3 Lancia Deltas isnt such a bad thing. I just wish they would fix the Toyota FT-1 that they added a few weeks back. Its limited to a 6 speed gearbox , but it clearly has 7, from what Toyota showed in Dtown.

  5. Dear guys, can anybody help on how to find the feature where user may interact with his friends in the game. (Same function of the community feature in GT5, i am not able to find it or it has been removed from the game…) [email protected]

    I appreciate if anybody knows a hint about it, kindly email me.

    Thank u

    • What do you mean by “interact”?

      • U remember in the GT5, u were able to follow a friend to any racing room he might be racing at… And exchange items.

      • Not included in this game mate, the friend list where you could click on their coffee cup thingy to join their lobby or send gifts and messages.
        There are a lot of updates still to come like B-Spec Bob, endurance races and online changes with tournament creation and track editor, so the in-game friends list thingy might appear alongside some of those updates…who knows ;)

    • There isn’t any direct list like 5, what you can do is in online lobby, check friends rooms, that’s it really.

  6. Thanks for ur reply, but i guess thats a feature that would be nice to have in the next updates.

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