Sony Reveal PS Vita Slim Coming To The UK Next Week, New Titles Teased

Direct from a press-only event, Sony have revealed that the PlayStation Vita Slim PCH-2000 model will be able to pre-order from today in the UK, with a release date of February 7th.

The system will be priced at £180, although retailers will likely discount it, with some hopefully matching – or at least coming close to – recent deals we’ve seen with the current PS Vita.



If you’re not sure of the advantages of the new system, it will include a longer battery life, 1GB of storage built in and it will be naturally slimmer, with a new LCD display replacing the OLED original.

While there was no word of different colours, in Japan the system come in different tones including khaki, pink and green. Their aim here is to naturally breathe new life into PlayStation Vita, and push it even further alongside the PS4.

A new Indie Games Mega Pack will launch in the UK for just £20, and includes a 4GB memory card alongside 10 of the best indie games on the system, such as Limbo and Thomas Was Alone. That seems like huge value.

This comes alongside games such as Pets and the LEGO Movie Video Game, as well as Hohokum, BigFest, Helldivers and two newly announced Invizimals games which will be aimed towards children.

UPDATE: Sony’s senior product manager Ben Law has confirmed a few extra details for us: that £180 price tag will be a suggested retail price, so it’s likely to be lower in places, the old system is now no longer being manufactured, and they’ll be working with retailers to create bundles in an organic fashion.

They also confirmed that the UK would only see the black model for now.



  1. Something I may be able to afford… been wanting a Vita for quite some time but never had any spare cash for it.

  2. Screen has been downgraded. Not a good thing as the current vita screen is stunning!
    Other than that I don’t really want it to be slimmer, it’s absolutely fine as it is, though it could be more ergonomic.

    • Battery life?

      • It’s only about an hour longer, not enough to warrant an upgrade.

      • An hour is a big jump, and many people have already reported that at lower screen brightnesses, they’ve seen an even bigger battery life jump.

      • It’s way more than an hour, thats a fact, and in my opinion the screen is excellent. It’s probably not worth upgrading but I think as a first or only Vita it’s the better choice, the price tag is the only major downer.

    • I’m the same as Tony. The screen has been downgraded and it makes this new Vita look ugly as an updrade (not visually). The OLED is stunning and it’s the edge the Vita has, and unfortunately now it does not.

      How I do hope they return to OLED with a 3000 model in a year or two. Whatever it takes to get back that OLED.

      Also there is sod all wrong with the current model. In fact as a first model, it is extremely well thought out and very impressive. The 2000 model isn’t the upgrade, the 1000 model is, and it’s one upgrade that’s gonna cost a lot of money soon.

  3. Needs to be cheaper. Bundles for the original with games and a memory card have been £100-140 recently enough, why would anyone pay so much more for less?

  4. That’s still £30 too much! The system needs to be £150 or under. And the games should max out at £30. And come on Sony where’s the psv tv already?? Get that out with a ds4 patch & you’ll make a mint!

  5. Not worth is Oled over LCD but the £20 mega deal though bring that to Oled

  6. After just buying a PS4 and my Vita being used for only a few hours a week, I have absolutely no desire to spend money “upgrading” to this Slim Vita, with a worse screen. The 1gb built-in memory is a good idea but will be used up quickly anyway. My Vita also has 3G which this doesn’t, and if mine was any smaller I’d probably be unable to hold it (my Vita!!).

    I’m not even sure this is good for new buyers seeing as nearly-new Vita’s are going for £95 on eBay and HMV were selling them new for £100 recently. Undoubtedly another version is just around the corner, which happened with the PSP and pissed me off.

  7. Surprising they’re not making the OLED screen version anymore. If I didn’t already have a vita I’d get one now before they disappear!

  8. er, I thought the “slim” version was expected to be a cheaper version of the current Vita? Considering TESCO were selling the Assassin Creed pack just before Christmas for sub £90, I can’t see this “version” doing that well? hell even the Tearaway back was what? £150 and that had a memory card, one of the best games of last year all for way less than this version.

    I’ll stick to my OLED version thanks Sony.

    • Thats what I thought. I’m sure sony announced that a new vita was coming out with a price drop…?

  9. I’m really starting to regret selling my Vita. I knew I would.

    Not really related to this, but brought it to mind. How likely, if possible, is it that we’ll be able to stream PS4 titles or PSNow to tablets?
    I think I read it could happen, but I may well have been dreaming.

    Can’t afford another Vita just yet and may be some time before I can. *Sillyman*
    I reckon I would go with an original Vita over the Slim though. Can’t even think of a good reason why, just would. That screen! There.

    • possibly to Sony Tablets, but others? Now way.

  10. I feel they’ve missed the mark slightly here with their pricing although maybe it’s deliberately been priced this way so that in a few months when ps4 stock isn’t an issue they can announce a ps4/vita bundle for maybe £450. This would entice people to buy a bundle they might not have been considering as they’d be getting a ‘great’ deal on a Vita usually priced at £180. Still happy i’ve got my OLED version though.

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