Sony’s John Smedley May Have Accidentally Confirmed The VR Headset

The speculation that Sony are working on a VR headset with stories first starting to leak out in September, when it had apparently demoed internally on DriveClub. Then a patent surfaced in December which showed designs of what the potential headset could look like.

Last month nDreams released a screenshot for one of their titles which was advertised for both the Oculus Rift and PS4, which once again sparked rumours of the VR headset. Two weeks ago more anecdotal evidence surfaced with Super Stardust VR apparently discussed at Steam’s Dev Days.


Now SOE’s John Smedley has apparently confirmed its existence in a Reddit AMA when the following exchange took place, after a question by Reddit user Astral_Echo was asked:

“Hearkening back to the EQN Black Box video and the bit with Terry wearing the Oculus Rift…are you thinking about experiment with any other VR solutions in EQN such as the Virtuix Omni, STEM System etc.?”

“hearing good things about 2 competitors.. one of which actually comes from Sony. so I’m thinking this is real and we may have our Snowcrash after all.”

With all this information leaking out Sony may soon actually announce the headset, which would be nice as I’m sure seeing what the company has developed would be exciting.

Source: Reddit vs GAF



  1. PS4 and a headset would be stunning :-)

  2. If they get the price right I would definitely be up for a PS4 headset.

    • I think that’ll be it’s biggest problem, especially if they price it similar to their 3D headset.

  3. Want it now!

  4. How heavy would it be on your head though?

  5. I’m massively interested in the oculus rift but I’ll never have a decent gaming PC so I’m hoping these rumours are true.

  6. This would be amazing and truly next-gen!

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