PS4 Camera Exclusive Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey Wants Your Body

A new indie studio going by the name Grandé Games has just introduced themselves by revealing a new exclusive for the PS4, entitled Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey. It’s a platformer that uses the PS4 Eye camera and requires players to strike poses to create platforms to help Commander Cherry navigate levels, needing your body (not like that) to help. The gameplay video above shows how it is done and I have to say it does look entertaining.


The video shows the player, who is wearing a horse mask for unknown reasons, making the platforms to assist the game’s hero reach different ledges. It all looks very smooth in how it is done, with the camera taking a quick shot of your pose, putting it into the game and then the game using the outline of the pose as a platform. There’s also a lightsaber in the game to cut through objects, and this is created with the DS4’s lightbar. Let me repeat, you can use your DS4 as a lightsaber in this game.

Grandé Games has scheduled Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey to release at some point in 2014.

Source: Youtube/E-mail



  1. Have I banged my head?

    • If you have it has taken you somewhere incredible

  2. … whut?

  3. Kinda reminds me of ‘Kung-Fu Live’ and some other old PlayStation Eye games on PS3. The body cutout/tracking still doesn’t look as precise as Kinect or something. Could still be pretty interesting…

  4. If anyone watched the clip and thought it was perhaps a little dull, then fear not as it gets much more interesting around the 4:45 mark.

    • I thought that was the best part too!

  5. Zzzzzzzzzzz

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