WeView Verdict: Metro: Last Light

As I pointed out in the original WeView article, the timing was a bit off for Metro: Last Light, with the game only arriving on PlayStation Plus after we asked for your thoughts on the game.

Still, there were two actual responses alongside two excited souls, so we’ll cover them in as much detail as we can.


OcelHrobka1991 was “frankly amazed” by the game on PC, which signals a good start. He played the “brilliant” first game – Metro 2033 – before waiting for this to come down in price as people told him it wasn’t as good as the previous instalment in the series. He’s now presumably playing through it again on his PS3 after it becoming available on PlayStation Plus.

While he hadn’t played the game, Lieutenant Fatman was looking forward to it appearing as part of his PS+ subscription, alongside RudeAwakening who said “the atmosphere coming from this game is incredible”.

Another person who played the game on PC was yogdog, he said:

Brilliant game, bought it on release day on PC (as I really enjoyed Metro 2033) and was so enveloped within its world that I’d completed it within a couple of days.

He also praised the “incredible” graphics and “tense” atmosphere, concluding that these made the world feel quite real.

So, that’s it – quite a quiet one this week due to the circumstances, and that means there were only two votes, but thankfully both were Buy It ratings! You can download Metro: Last Light for free on PlayStation Plus now as part of your Instant Game Collection, alongside BioShock Infinite, so you don’t even need to pay for it even though you should.

Tomorrow’s WeView should be very exciting, as we’ve got a game which is bound to split opinion – Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls, a game which isn’t really a game and features some A-list Hollywood talent.

That means it drops out of the poll along with Total War: Rome II as that got very few votes, and joining Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell: Blacklist are Puppeteer and my personal favourite game of last year, The Stanley Parable.



  1. definitely worthy of a download.
    playing it at the mo.
    quite an enjoyable romp through wastelands,sewers and Nazi prisons.

  2. It does lose momentum at times but is still a fairly decent shooter.Can’t really complain when it’s free!

  3. One of the few games I bought last year, dragged on for a bit and the balancing is way off, but still quite fun and the end is just bonkers.

  4. I enjoyed the first half of the game more, see what happens to the carcass of the small flying critters in an early section of the game when you shoot one down .. *shudders*.. also the areas off the railtrack where my low ammo meant i had to work my way through the darkness with just a torch and a blade and the sounds of nasties came from everywhere.. heart-thumpingly atmospheric. :)

  5. Played this a fair bit on disc a while ago and I really liked what I played. I’ve got to say the throwing knifes were a favourite of mine. The need to keep an eye on ammo/gas mask filter/torch charge levels, certainly add to the atmosphere (as does running out of them). There are bugs and problems with the AI can affect your immersion, but even with those issues it’s still a game I’d recommend playing.

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