Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction Explodes On To PS4 And PC

A teaser site, AllOutofGum.com, popped up over the weekend which seemed to indicate some sort of Duke Nukem game, but with no details on what it could be.

Since then the official Facebook page has gained 10,000 likes and a page of alien text has been translated revealing the plot of Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction.


It also revealed the game will be “a top-down action role-playing game for PC and PlayStation 4.”

Yup, you read that correctly, an RPG. I presume the game will more like Borderlands than Final Fantasy in its RPG-ness, but we are promised experience points, tech trees and other statistical twiddlings.

Interceptor Entertainment will reveal the game in full in 22 days, and yes, that’s Interceptor Entertainment and not Gearbox who appear to have nothing to do with this game.

Source: Facebook / Twitter / Reddit



  1. Well, after Forever, the only way is up I guess

    • The bit of Forever that I played (around 2/3 levels) was ok’ish, but the walk 2 metres load screen, open door load screen, close door load screen etc. was too much for my head to cope with. So that’s where the game ended and was traded whilst current and just before it hit the £1 Dale Winton baskets….was a close call! :P

  2. Time to roll this particular gaming turd in glitter.

  3. Never heard of interceptor entertainment. Anyone know if they’ve done anything better than Duke Nukem Forever?

    • They made Rise of the Triad and were working on Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded, a HD’d version of the original, but the got canned when Forever came out.

  4. Surely it is just time to say goodbye to some of these old franchises or what not. Good bye Sonic, Duke, etc. You had your time and it was great. But now you are old and embarrassing.

  5. Time to chew some ass?

  6. Did anyone else read the text from the third picture entirely in Duke Nukem’s voice?

  7. Top. Down. RPG?

    Oh dear.

  8. Taking a rooty-tooty-shooty game and slapping a few stats here and there doesn’t make it an RPG

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