Plus Point Challenge: Don’t Starve Caption Contest

After last month’s awesome shenanigans in the Resogun Plus Points Challenge which saw an amazing effort from TSA member X1BALBAABLAB1X to take top spot with a 4th-best-in-the-world-ever score on the first level of Resogun, we thought we’d change things up a little.

You see, we’re very aware that this month’s game, Don’t Starve, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, in fact it’s very “Marmite”; some people love it, some hate it. Because of that, we thought up a little contest involving the game that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play it all that much, or in fact even be very good at it.

Please note that Don’t Starve leaves PlayStation Plus tomorrow, so make sure to download it if you haven’t already.


What you have to do is take a screenshot of anything going on in Don’t Starve, think up a funny caption for it, and send it to us via Twitter and leave the rest to us. We’ll choose the top 10 funniest or best captions/screenshots and award the points in the same way as last week. The full rules are listed below.

  1. Using your PS4, send screenshot from Don’t Starve via Twitter to @thesixthaxis.
  2. In your tweet, include a witty line that relates to the screenshot you’ve sent.
  3. Make sure your tweet includes your TSA username.
  4. You can only enter this contest one time, so make sure your entry is the one you want to send.
  5. Closing date for entries is Sunday 23rd February at 6PM GMT. Any entries received after this date will not be counted.
  6. TSA staff will decide upon the order of the top 10 after the closing date.
  7. If you didn’t enter last month’s competition, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still get points for entering.
  8. In the case of people sending in multiple entries, only your first tweet will be considered.

Remember, simply entering will see you put into a draw to win a £10 or $10 PSN voucher, while the first person to reach fifty plus points on the TSA leaderboard – each month’s contest awarding first place 10 points, second gets 9 points and so on, until everyone who enters gets 1 point – will win a year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Bonus points contest

We’ll admit that it’s a little difficult this time to think up something cunning or clever for the bonus points contest, so for this week, all entrants that don’t make the top 10 will be entered into a hat and a random lucky entrant will receive 5 bonus points.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of this week’s contest in the comments section below, but don’t forget to fire up Don’t Starve and get your witty hats on! Remember, the funnier the comment relating to the picture in your tweet, the better your chance of winning leaderboard points. Game on!

Written and organised by Tony Cawley.



  1. Can I use my wife account? Cause I don’t really want to activate the game then have zero trophy on my account?

    • Yes, as long as your tweet contains your tsa username

      • Can i use someone else’s account? ’cause i don’t have a PS4… & i can’t really be arsed. ;)

  2. Can we use our Steam accounts? I don’t have a PS4 and would love to enter comps when I can. There’s no gaming differences (mods, patches, updates) for this comp so it would still be fair. I hope! :-)

    • Not the end of the world if not. Just… ya know. It’d be nice! :-)

  3. Wowsers, didn’t see that coming, very unexpected. And a good way to avoid all the problems with people potentially messing about with the difficulty settings. Will have to get my thinking / comedy hat on now. :o)

  4. Cool, i have an idea which sums up my experience of the game quite well .. ;)

    • My twitter n00bness requires me to solve these infuriating puzzles before i can go ahead and enter.. :/

      1: Do i just put @thesixthaxis at the beginning of the comment/tweet?
      2: My caption isn’t very long but it looks like i don’t have enough space (the character counter turns red and counts in negative digits before i type all of it). Will my whole caption be tweeted as two seperate tweets or just the first part of it?
      3: Should i put “Don’t Starve” in the comment?
      4: Can i leave out the “#PS4Share” bit?

      Thanks. :)

      • 1. Yes.
        2. Send your c caption on 1 tweet and your tsa username on another. If the character count is red, the tweet won’t send.
        3. Don’t think you need to worry about saying don’t starve, it should be pretty obvious what it is!
        4 yes, delete the automatic ps4 share bit

      • Cheers Tony! :)

  5. This should be fun. Have an idea for my entry, already. Setting it up could be a challenge.

  6. I like the idea!

    Looking forward to seeing some hilarious entries.

  7. Glad it’s not a high score challenge as I’ve never played it.

  8. Ooooo….. ideas a flowing!! Guna have to play lots and get loads of pics and choose the best I can think of!! Good luck every one. Ether way were all sure to get a laugh out of this months contest :D

  9. Done, dusted!


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