Turtle Beach’s Premium Titanfall Headset Brings The Noise

We missed these when they were announced back in January. I blame the excitement of learning about Turtle Beach’s partnership to provide headsets for the PS4 on the same day of CES. But we’re getting ever closer to the game’s release on Xbox consoles and PC – and Turtle Beach has just reminded us they’re coming – so we thought we’d show off the perfect compliment to that rather snazzy Titanfall controller you’ll soon be able to get for the Xbox One.

This branded headset comes with the adapter for the Xbox One so it will work with Microsoft’s newest console immediately. It also works over USB and 3.5mm jack with PC and has the appropriate 2.5mm chat cable and analogue RCA connector to make it backwards-compatible with the Xbox 360. The microphone is active, so it plays back in your ear meaning that you don’t have to shout to hear yourself over game audio. You can pull the mic out though, if you just want to use the headset as headphones for your mobile or MP3 player.

It’s not cheap at £139.99 ($149.99), especially for what appears to be a stereo headset, but at that price range, Turtle Beach’s build quality is excellent and the audio quality is also top notch.

I use Turtle Beach PX5s myself (at least, I did before the PS4) and they’re exceptionally good for game audio, as well as being nice and clear for chat. There’s very little noise leakage, which is popular with my wife, and they’re comfortable to wear for long periods. They are ageing slightly now though, and if you want a more recent look at Turtle Beach’s other offerings, you might want to check out the great review Tef did of the PX4s or even the video review Kris did last summer for the PX22s. It’s got seagulls in it.


  1. Trying to decide whether I should buy the new Sony headset for PS4 or some turtle beach ones. Tough decision.

    • I swear by Turtle Beach, my PX5s have lasted a couple of years and are exceptional but I’m very tempted to try out those new Sony ones when they’re released too. TB has a whole range of PS4 ones coming too, I think – they announced a partnership last month.

  2. If you’re interested, shopto are selling them 20 quid cheaper, take a look http://www.shopto.net/video-games/xbox-one/XB1AC11-turtle-beach-titanfall-atlas-headset

  3. Ive just shelled for a pair of astro a50s today, anybody know how good they are with ps4 or in general?

    All the reviews are goood and hope I made a good decision as the pricetag is pretty hefty

    • I have the A50s. Hannypoppie (girlfriend/member of TSA) bought them for me. They are wonderful, fella.

      Not only are they supremely comfortable which is a very pleasant surprise seeing as they’re a heavy old pair of headphones but the connectivity is sublime. It basically tipped me over into having them. I have both Skype (PC) and the PS3 going into the transmitter. Sure, the PC sound is through a 3.5mm stereo jack but it’s still crystal clear. Keep in mind I don’t have to switch between them. I have them piped through together. Gorgeous!

      They’re a weighty headset because they’ve packed in the technology so well. The right can lets you adjust the balance between the two sources which means no reaching for the transmitter until you need the charge cable.

      Absolutely peachy.

      • I’ve just tried them for the first time and the sound is godly!, they sound amazing. definately glad I got them now

  4. Rather expensive for just stereo and a rather naff looking livery imo

  5. They’re certainly pretty fancy looking, but not my style.

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