Worms Heading To PS4 And Xbox One This Year

Don’t worry, your PS4 and Xbox One systems are perfectly healthy. They may be a bit new game deficient at the moment, but Team17 are looking to change that by releasing a new entry in the Worms franchise on the consoles, titled Worms Battlegrounds.



That’s a logo above. It shows the name of the game in the usual Worms font and style, and that’s all we’re getting for now. Despite the announcement, there are no details of the game itself other than the logo and title, so we’ll have to wait until later to see anything fancy such as that.

It’ll naturally be a downloadable title, and since it’s releasing on both PS4 and Xbox One you can expect to see it on at the very least the same day for both systems, due to it being published through the [email protected] program which has a day one parity clause.

Worms Battlegrounds will release later this year. No other platforms were announced, so don’t expect a Wii U or PC version right now.

Source: Press release



  1. Hopefully this will be like World Party with tons of cool weapons and customisation options rather than a stripped down bare bones version that they often release first. Fingers crossed.

    • This. World party was the pinnacle of the franchise for me. The weapons, customization options and levels were the best they ever had.
      I’m not convinced they will ever reach that quality ever again…
      One can only hope that they get somewhat close with this but I doubt it.

  2. Yeah, and hopefully not in 3D…..

    • That’s true, 2D is much better for this game.

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