Goat Simulator Is Actually Getting Released As A Game

Last week Coffee Stain Studios released a concept trailer for a game called Goat Simulator, where you could play as a goat but cause carnage and pull off tricks for points. It was meant to be a joke but, because the world is insane sometimes, there was so much demand that Goat Simulator is getting a full release on PC and it will be very soon.


In fact you can go to the official site and pre-order the game, at a cost of $9.99, and apparently a Steam key will be sent you giving access to the game three days before general release. I don’t think I ever thought I’d write a news story about a game about goats, but there you go it has happened.

Source: Goat-simulator.com/PR



  1. Sometimes the world just makes you smile.

  2. As a game? I wanted a movie!

  3. Oh, Goat Simulator. For a second I read it as Goat Stimulator. Thought it was about touching-up animals…

    • That’s already been released.

  4. I was expecting a goatse strapline/ pun
    But then this is a family site.

  5. It’s nuts!!!

  6. Do want!

  7. Why am I not surprised :O

  8. Why not a goat? I always wanted to play as a marmot, so this is not for me, but I can see there are more options gameplay-wise for a goat.

  9. Just when you thought you’d seen everything.

  10. I had a really terrible joke lined up, but I’ll spare you, I’ll just get my goat and leave.

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