Out This Week: Toukiden, Final Fantasy & The LEGO Movie

This week brings an end to the steady trickle of video game releases over the past two months. With a couple of big names set for a return this week, we can finally start to get back into the swing of things.

Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks! | 3DS | Friday

Bizarre soccer JRPG mash-up, Inazuma Eleven, is back again, this week seeing the launch of Team Ogre Attacks! Play as protagonist Cannon Evans as he assembles a team to compete in the Football Frontier International Championship.

Team Ogre Attacks! appears to be an extended version of existing Inazuma Eleven 3 titles. Featuring new characters and challenges, think of it as the Pokémon Platinum to the previously-released Inazuma Eleven 3: Bomb Blast and Lightning Bolt.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc | PS Vita | Friday

Set in the grounds of Hope’s Peak Academy, Danganronpa is a murder mystery interactive novel that relishes in its own absurdity. Comparable to Ace Attorney and the more recent Virtue’s Last Reward, the game revolves around exploration and puzzles.

As a result it’s naturally dialogue-heavy, kept afloat by a raft of quirky characters, one of which is a sadistic remote-controlled bear. We’ll have our review up in the coming weeks.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII | PS3, 360 | Friday

Rounding out the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is this week’s Lightning Returns. Picking up after XIII-2, this latest instalment sees the return of lead protagonist Lightning, awakening after five hundred years to finds that the world will end in just thirteen days.

Players will literally be racing against the clock in this closing chapter with a number of character cameos expected. Perhaps the biggest change this time around is the battle and navigations system, leaning more towards reactive, action gameplay as opposed to the classic, turn-based JRPG model.

The LEGO Movie Videogame | PS3, 360, PC, 3DS, Vita, Wii U, PS4, XBO | Friday

With so many LEGO-based movie adaptations under its belt, there was always going to be a game for The LEGO Movie when it touched down this year.

As ever, TT Games is helming the title with its trademark approach to action platformers. Expect dozens of playable characters, collectibles, and brick-building puzzles. Though it may not offer much in the way of new features, it does benefit from an all-star cast and a script loaded with humour.

Toukiden: The Age of Demons | PS Vita | Friday

Finally, we have Toukiden: The Age of Demons bound exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. Set in a fantasy medieval universe, this latest title from Dynasty Warriors studio, Omega Force, may strike some handheld gamers as familiar.

As a fledgling slayer, players are tasked with scouring the land for Oni, demonic creatures intent on wiping out humanity. With six weapons types and eight Mitamas, you can define your very own play-style, rallying with up to three other players online. Be sure to check out our review which went live yesterday.


  1. It is a good job Mr Lightning didn’t wake up two weeks later!

    I’ve heard good things about the Lego Movie and have high hopes for the game.

  2. I need to find someone to see The Lego Movie with, the trailer was a huge surprise, in a good way. Might need to check the game out on Le Vita, any word of a demo?

  3. Toukiden for me. I’m pleasantly surprised to find that the psn version is £30, which is great since Amazon have sold out.

  4. My wallet is going to feel very light on Friday. Danganronpa, Toukiden and Lego Movie

  5. Legoooooooo!! :-)

  6. TxK for me tomorrow ;)

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