Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming To 3DS In US And EU Early 2015

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the latest in the incredibly popular Action RPG series, has just been announced for release outside of Japan and South Korea in the latest Nintendo Direct, coming to Europe and America.

It’s set to bring all the same content which has lit up the charts in those countries, with new actions and online co-op play particular highlights for this entry.


Now, don’t get too excited just yet because there’s a hefty delay for fans in Europe and America and it won’t be reaching our shores until Early 2015.

Update: Looks like this was already announced a couple of weeks ago, With MH4U the equivalent to the upcoming release of MH4G in Japan.



  1. I can’t wait!

  2. Whats cool about this entry that instead of being the original game, its the usual enhanced stuff Capcom always do so the delay isn’t all that bad. Hopefully it makes it to the Wii U but I’m sure it’ll be fine on the 3DS.

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