WeView Verdict: Puppeteer

There wasn’t as big a turn out for Puppeteer as I’d hoped. Only four of you had something to say about the charming platformer, and surprisingly there were some rather mixed accounts.


Bunimomike played through half of Puppeteer in co-op with Hannypoppie. He said that the opening hour was “so damned charming” and a “master-class in how to lower someone into a game”. However, he said the game currently left him with the “‘going through the motions’ feeling which repetition can often bring in”.


TSBonyman took time out from GTA V to play Puppeteer. And while it was “charming and gorgeous”, with a “nice challenge to the gameplay”. The “constant banter of the characters could be a bit off-putting for some” but completing only a few levels at a time made it “wonderfully entertaining”.

Puppeteer was Wozman23’s most anticipated game for 2013, and thankfully for them it “didn’t disapoint”. Although the game wasn’t without a few flaws – Wozman was quick to point out how the “head swapping could have been better implemented”, and also criticised the slow pacing.

However, everything from the “art direction, level design and bosses proved an insane amount of variety”. They even described the game as having a “vaudevillian charm” that was “reminiscent of Disneyland or The Muppets”.

Lastly was Lieutenant Fatman, who I can assume wasn’t the biggest fan of Puppeteer. Although LittleBigPlanet was preferred, they found Puppeteer to have some “very nice story telling”, which was “very amusing” at times, but accused the cut scenes for being overly long and said that challenge was also “quite frustrating at times”.

Now it’s down to the votes. With only three cast there was a single vote for Bargain Bin It, and two for Buy It. Hopefully that is all the convincing you need if you’re on the fence about giving Puppeteer a go.

There’s no poll this week, because you all decided it would be a good idea to make the top two games draw. Those were The Stanley Parable and Rayman Legends, so to avoid having two platforming games in a row, we’ve went for The Stanley Parable, with Rayman up next week. Then you’ll get to vote again for the week after, don’t worry!



  1. I was perhaps a bit harsh on it, you can’t fault the presentation and attention to detail. It’s just for me, what the game tries to do doesn’t really sync with the difficulty. I have no problem with a game being tough. Those last few levels on Rayman Origins for example are pretty nails, but I enjoyed the challenge there. But here if you’re trying to play with a partner or your child, etc..

    You don’t particularly want to be caught up on the same bit over and over, you want to progress through the story, and the game seems to demand a level of skill that I just wouldn’t expect. I appreciate it is hard to get these things right though. As others would be bored if it were too easy. If you’re a platforming pro, and you love a fun story, definitely give it a go, otherwise, maybe try the demo first.

  2. I must play this at some point, it’s sitting on my PS3’s HDD since some sale.

  3. I know I’ll probably love this game but I’m not in any rush to play it. It was dirt cheap on the US store a few weeks back and I would have bought it if they matched the price on the EU store, but I’ll just wait for it to come to ps plus now. Shame there wasn’t more feedback.

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