Sony Pushes On To 5.3 Million PS4 Sales Worldwide

Hot on the heels of the NPD figures last week, which showed the PlayStation 4 to be the best selling console in the US, Sony have announced the latest milestone in console sales. As of February 8th, the PS4 has sold an estimated 5.3 million units around the world.

That figure puts them at 1.1 million sales over the course of the 6 weeks since December 28th, the previous 4.2 million sales figure being revealed at CES in early January. Of those 1.1 million sales, around 250-300k came in America during January, as revealed by the NPD, which means the bulk of the sales came in the EU, Asia and the other markets which Sony has launched in.


Andrew House, President and Group CEO of SCEI, added in the press release that “the PS4 system’s momentum just keeps growing stronger, and we are extremely grateful for the continued passion and support of PlayStation® fans.  February 22 sees the launch of PS4 in Japan, and I’m looking forward to Japanese fans sharing the excitement of the deep social capabilities and entertainment experiences only possible on PS4.”

Of course, all of these sales came during a fallow period for the console, which saw few new games and selling points for the system. With the Japanese PS4 launch coming this week and a busier release schedule for March, it will be fascinating to see just how much more momentum can be gained by both PS4 and XBO.

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  1. With the Japan launch around the corner, they will smash their march figures with loose change

  2. Wonder how many sales they will get in Japan, they are doing really well though, congrats Sony.

  3. looking great for Sony and PS4 gamers, more gamers means better and more games.

  4. Very impressive, PS4s still flying off the shelves and in many places out of stock much of them time. I wonder if they can keep up with demand when games such as inFamous start to get released next month.

  5. Lovely news for Sony. They’ve genuinely earnt it and I’m looking forward to picking one up relatively soon.

  6. Great news for the industry as a whole and Sony just nailed it with the PS4! The tech is great, the price is spot on and the library of exclusives is very exciting. News of continuos 1080p 60fps support across games is showing just how crucial it was to lock down such hardware too without any fancy trimmings.

    Going forward I would like to see a bigger push on second screen support, with both the Vita and Playstation App being vastly underused in my opinion, though it is naturally down to the developers to incorporate such features. Better media support is already overdue too, I want my MP3 collection accessible when kicking @ss and taking names in BF4, and you better have custom soundtracks ready in time for Driveclub! I have tried music unlimited and I just don’t get on with it to be honest, a bit better than Xbox Music but having used iTunes for so long – all other services seem a little bare.

    Also, a minor point and totally selfish and unlikely to ever happen – can my PS4 light strip glow blue whilst on instead of white :-) Or better yet, the 80’s inside me would buy Sony a few rounds at the local if they update the PS4 to have a “swooshing” red strip instead of the glowing white.

    The beauty of buying into a Playstation product is that Sony will keep improving it with updates and listen to the consumers releasing relevant updates and not just firmware for the sake of it. It has got to a point where new Firmware updates can be as exciting as a new game release.

    • Try this, fella. Found it yesterday and really hope TSA makes an article of it. I think the idea is fantastic and I’ll definitely be doing something with the lightbar when I get a PS4.

      • Bully’s talking about the LED light strip on the PS4 itself. :)

      • Love it! I wonder if it keeps any of the motion features from working correctly. I hope he makes millions off the idea!

  7. Very well deserved.

    Listen to your audience …give them what they want …and they buy it?!?! Mind = Blown.

  8. Go Sony! I can’t wait to see the gap become huge when they drop in their homeland. The excitement mush be reaching ‘Fever Pitch’ after seeing those MGS Bundles….

    Love my PS4! Think they’ve done a great job. Imagine what It’ll be able do years from now. Would love to see what they have planned but unannounced?

  9. Great news for Sony. 1.1 million in 6 weeks without a really good 1st party title out yet.
    It is the better console but Xbox one is good. I do like Xbox’s way it keeps software loaded even when switched off. It’ll be good when it does arrive on Ps4 too.

    • Pros and cons on both which is lovely. Fingers crossed they’ll cherry pick the best ones and we’ll see those features on both.

      Just read that the PS4 sales will overtake Wii U global sales (since launch) during March. That’s stunning! The Wii U was out in November 2012 for god’s sake. Wow.

      Actually, if the Japanese launch goes well next week it might even do it then.

  10. Only about 400k behind wii u already! What I think is more amazing is that the gap to X1 could very soon be over 2 million! Now that is amazing!! Still struggling to find ps4 in many areas!

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