Plus Point Challenge Reminder: Don’t Starve Caption Contest

We recently kicked off our second Plus Point Challenge, based around Don’t Starve. While there was a decent response for the Resogun contest last month, this game hasn’t garnered quite as much excitement. And since the competition ends on Sunday at 6PM, we thought we’d remind you before then, so you don’t miss out on points.

Points will affect your score on the overall TSA leaderboard, and everyone will get a point for entering, while the top ten entries will receive points ranging from 10-1, with first place getting 10 points, second place getting 9 and so on. The first to fifty points on the leaderboard wins a 1 year PlayStation Plus subscription.

But how do you manage to come first? Well, the idea is simple, play a bit of Don’t Starve, take a screenshot of anything at all happening in the game and share it via twitter to the @thesixthaxis account, adding a witty caption related to you image, along with your TSA username in your tweet. We’ve a full rundown of the steps below:

  1. Using your PS4, send screenshot from Don’t Starve via Twitter to @thesixthaxis.
  2. In your tweet, include a witty line that relates to the screenshot you’ve sent.
  3. Make sure your tweet includes your TSA username.
  4. You can only enter this contest one time, so make sure your entry is the one you want to send.
  5. Closing date for entries is Sunday 23rd February at 6PM GMT. Any entries received after this date will not be counted.
  6. TSA staff will decide upon the order of the top 10 after the closing date.
  7. If you didn’t enter last month’s competition, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still get points for entering.
  8. In the case of people sending in multiple entries, only one tweet will be considered.

Along with the chance of points, don’t forget that you’ll be in with the chance of winning a £10 PSN voucher just for entering. We’ll be putting all the names into a hat and choosing a winner, but you have to enter to be in with a chance of winning.

Last month saw TSA user X1BALBAABLAB1X take top spot on the leaderboard with an awesome entry into the Resogun contest with Lieutenant Fatman taking second place. We don’t want either of those two running away with this competition again, now do we?

So what are you waiting for? Get your witty hats on and get entering!



  1. No love for us PC Players? We can tweet too you know!

    • I did ask Blair first time around and he mentioned PC players being thrown into the mix for this. I submitted my caption/image a few weeks ago.

      Get it in there, fella. :-)

  2. Good luck folks, looking forward to seeing all the funny stuff in a few days time. :)

  3. No love for us ps3 plus users? You know, the vast majority of your readership!

    • In fairness, PS3 doesn’t have a screen capture ability so it’d be tricky for any PS3 user to enter. Although I agree that any kind of competition should be engineered towards PS3 users, which account for most people I know of on the site. Also the PC and Vita (which have screenshot capabilities) are still left out of the whole competition. Although the PC version of Don’t Starve can be used in this particular contest, and no doubt it may be the same case with Outlast.

      • In all fairness point challenge just kicked off so the chances are it will expand depending on how many people participate to show interest.

        For me what I want is actual games I play, don’t starve I don’t want activate it at all on my account

      • You could always play the game/s on a different account if you’re keen to take part.

      • @ Avenger. TSA managed competitions in the past few years on ps3 and PSP with no screen capture capabilities just fine. I’m just surprised and disappointed that the TSA editorial staff thought it a good idea to focus so much time and energy on PS4 only competitions, when most TSA members are not PS4 owners.

  4. Hoping to get my entry in over the weekend, good luck everyone.

  5. In answer to the questions above this competition was organised to tie in with the release of the new console generation, and as such was organised as a ps4 contest.
    If you take a minute to think of the intricacies involved in making it multi platform it really wouldn’t work. How could that fit in? It wouldn’t be fair on people who own only 1 platform and could only enter one contest in 4 when competing against someone who owns all platforms and is entering each time.
    That’s why it can’t be a multi platform contest. Ps4 was chosen as the single platform because it’s recently released.
    If anyone has ideas for how a multi platform competition could be introduced separately from this I’m all ears but for my thoughts it would be pretty much impossible to organise fairly.

    • That’s fair enough. I’m not sure who above was advocating a multi platform competition? Either way I agree it would be almost impossible to implement. I’m just disappointed there’s no real equivalent competitions on ps3 and/or vita as there have been in the past. The focus seems to have completely switched to PS4 owners who are a minority on this site. I’m surprised you don’t see this point of view, and how it could be alienating to a majority of people visiting the site. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable point of view and I know I’m not alone in thinking it.

      • Vita would work as you can take screen shots and post them to Twitter, could work quite well.

  6. It’s quite possible I’m not understanding you correctly when you explain the problems of theintricacies, so I apologise if I’m going at this in a bit of a dogmatic way.

    One idea was that we could have had a plus point challenge that had an logically exclusive option of which game to enter. So for example, TSA members could enter the contest using Don’t Starve on PS4. However instead of using Don’t Starve on PS4, members would have an option of competing using Modnation Racers of Vita. Now admittedly you can’t quite have the same screenshot contest for each game (that would be awkward). However the list of Modnation racer entrants would be organised on a scale of 1-10 points on the fastest time on a certain track, or the most enjoyable user-made track. Likewise Don’t starve is rated on the most humorous image, on a scale of 1-10. Entries would be limited to one per TSA user, so members couldn’t enter with both games. At the end, you’d have two leaderboards, one for PS4, and one for Vita. The first to 50 points wins the said prize. The ‘fairness’ is possibly arguable as the first to 50 could be a Vita player instead of a PS4 player, and it’s possible to have 2 members score 50 at the same time. But even then, a different points system could be organised to iron out such issues.

    There could be a lot of flaws I have overlooked in the practicality of my idea, and in reality the competition is here so it can’t be changed. I don’t really want to debate the idea, I’m just putting it out there really seeing as you were all ears. If anyone did set up another competition in the future, I tend to think there is a way of making it fair and involving as many people as possible.

    I hear what you’re saying about the PS4 being the most recent console, but I also remember what you said at the start about wanting to get the community going again which is a really nice idea. It’s just a shame that some people are left out because of the PS4’s newness. To be fair, I know it’s difficult (and possibly impossible) to include every single member because of each person’s own gaming set up.

    • Meant this as a reply to TonyC above, and by the looks of it, it’s more of an essay rather than a comment. Apologies for the length.

      • Never apologise for length. Only girth.

      • @Blair Inglis Don’t be sorry. It’s TSA’s prerogative what they do on the site.

        Generally I’m just putting an idea out there, and like I said, I don’t want to debate it. It’s more feedback than anything else, albeit rather ‘you could do this’ style feedback. I don’t want to be pedantic about it though.

        It’s still lovely to see competitions whatever their form, and to see the community, as always, interacting with each other.

    • Honestly, it’s as complicated enough as it is, we can’t introduce this extra dynamic which basically means two competition posts in one. We’re just doing what’s manageable for us and reasonable to expect from the community, and are sorry that we can’t offer everyone a chance to enter.

    • I saw this competition start before I owned a ps4 and not once did I feel left out based on me owning a ps3 only. The amount of competitions and prizes that I have entered and thoroughly enjoyed via TSA and the organisers I think has been more than enough.
      I come here primarily for news and the guys and girls that make this site what it is. Whilst it would be nice to be able to be included in every community involved aspect it’s not always viable. I for one don’t begrudge not being able to join in the fun as I know there’s always something round the corner for me to get involved in.
      Thank you Tony and TSA for hosting a wonderful competition regardless of being able to enter.

      • Sorry this was meant as it’s own stand alone comment.

      • Well said, I second that.

    • Only problem with a Vita competition, it’ll alienate PS3 only users if using compliance with the above arguments. Most consoles have had a fair crack of the whip with TSA tournaments, it’s just the turn of the PS4 at the moment.I wouldn’t sweat it dude, time will come.

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