News Snatch: Dark Souls II, Space Jam And Fallout 4

Loads to catch up with today on account of me being on holiday (i.e. spending all day playing Killzone Shadow Fall) for the start of this week. First up is a trailer for Poison who will feature in Ultra Street Fighter IV, nothing to do with the ace song by Bel Biv Devoe.

A trailer for MLB 14 The Show on PS3. The PS4 version has much better beards, that’s not me being silly, it is an actual fact.

Perrywinkle’s, a jewelry chain in the United States, is offering a free Xbox One with every 3/4 carat diamond center stone engagement ring.

“Will you marry me” , “Yes!”, “Great, I’m off to play Titanfall, see ya later love.”

Dark Souls II wants to sing you a lullaby. A flamey, deathy, lullaby.

Obligatory Someone Said Something About The Gays So I Have To Mention It Section

Dragon Age’s lead writer David Gaider has said he hopes the inclusion of LGBT chracters will soon become a non-issue but at the moment it still causes a ruckus.

“There are people out there for whom the presence of any gay content will automatically render it “the gay game.” The presence of two bisexual male followers in Dragon Age 2, only one of whom made advances on a male player without first being flirted with, means ‘every man in Thedas is gay and wants my man-meat,’” he said.

“These are the same people for whom the mere existence of a gay character, or a plot that deals with gay subject matter, really anything that forces them to acknowledge that homosexuality so much as exists, is going to be a personal insult.”

N-Work One, the media channel in Killzone: Shadow Fall has tweeted the image above, note the sly Flappy Bird clone.

Fallout 4 is a long way off according to Bethesda. “We don’t [have a timeframe for our next game announcement], but I think it’s gonna be a while,” explained Bethesda’s game director Todd Howard.

“We’ve gotten fairly used to all the questions and curiosity over the years. Everyone wants information. Right now, we’re just trying to figure out which of our ideas are going to stick and finding an appropriate time to talk about it.”

An ingenious person has created a mod for NBA 2K14 which makes the players resemble cast of hoop shooting live action cartoon, Space Jam.

Forza 5 has become the second Xbox One title to reach the 1 million mark, the other being Dead Rising 3.

Well known sheep botherer, Bunimomike, spotted these rather nifty PS4 controller stickers.
You can even order a custom sticker with your name or PSN ID on the bar, click here for the Ebay link.

Bioshock Vita appears to be stuck in limbo, 2K have no update on the project following the closure of Irrational Games.

And Finally, Flappy Bird lives on in Minecraft.


  1. Lovely to see the stickers getting a mention. I think I noticed a UK chappie doing his own too (over on PushSquare website).

    Either way, a top idea. Must do this when I get a PS4.

    There are people out there for whom the presence of any gay content will automatically render it “the gay game.”

    Haha! This genuinely made me chuckle. Sad as hell but still a great quote.

  2. i like the Batman logo sticker.
    but a Superman one would be cooler.

    Wonder Woman doesn’t really have a symbol as such does she?

    still, i could just tell myself the Superman S stands for Supergirl. ^_^

    the link doesn’t seem to work though.

    anyway, they look like they go over the light bar, would that affect something like Playroom that detects the position of the controller with the light bar?
    not that it would have any impact for me as i wouldn’t be getting the camera.

  3. Do those stickers affect the controller working with stuff like Playroom?
    They are awesome.

    • Depends on the coverage (and how much light shines through), which makes perfect sense. Was thinking the same thing myself. In the long term, I think I’ll get a few of each and also a second controller which I won’t pop any stickers on. Not ideal but definitely want to have a bit o’ fun with the stickers in the first place. :-)

      • No the stickers don’t affect playroom at all. I got some lovely ps4 decals for my ds4’s & the camera has no problem picking them up :)

  4. Ooooo, those light stickers are rather nice, but do they hamper the functionality?

    I think if I was playing a game as a male character and another male flirted or made moves on my character then I would laugh it off and just ignore it. If there was overuse of such actions, not just same sex but opposites too, it would put me off the game. I don’t play any game in search of abilities to flirt or observe erotic behavoir, Mass Effect 2 was about my limit and was hardly nessecary – adding little to the story and seeming more about making an impact for PR more than anything.
    Would be interesting to know how many people who would dub it the “the gay game” have been guilty of tea-bagging in FPS or pretending to hump a COG trooper on all fours in Gears of War multiplayer. Some growing up is in order.

  5. As others have said, those stickers look awesome!

    Especially cool that you can customise too. A TSA one is being ordered very soon!

  6. Also, very excited for Dark Souls II, even if I’m disappointed by the lack of a next gen option.

  7. Very good entrepreneurial skill with those stickers, i might have a look at getting one myself.

  8. The diamond ring XBox deal seems pretty decent considering a 3.5 carat diamond of fair quality and symmetry is only gonna set you back about $500. Go for palladium and you could have an XBox and a wife for a grand, hurrah.

    Mike, those stickers are brilliant, good find!

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