UK Amazon Prime Customers About To Get Lovefilm Streaming For Free

Amazon is about to rebrand Lovefilm, the video rental service it bought a few years ago. On February 26th, it’s set to become Amazon Prime Instant Video, which aligns it with the US service. For existing Lovefilm streaming subscribers, who pay £5.99 a month to access Lovefilm’s 15,000 items, nothing will change except the name and artwork on whichever app (console, smart TV or smartphone) you use to stream.

If you’re an existing Amazon Prime member – perhaps in order to get free prime delivery on the games you order from Amazon – you’ll be able to sign in to the newly named service and make use of the library of streaming materials for absolutely no extra cost.


The snag is that if you’re not an existing Prime customer, or when your Prime renewal comes around, the price to join is going to jump from £49 a year up to £79 for the year. There’s no option to just take the free delivery side of Prime and there’s set to be no option to just take the streaming side – it’ll be all or nothing.

That £79 is an increase of only around £7 a year for existing Lovefilm monthly subscribers and it gets them access to Kindle’s lending library of 500,000 books to read on their Kindle devices and free next-day delivery from

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  1. Any word of if this will also be available to Prime family members?

    • It isn’t in the US so I’d expect it not to be in the UK either.

      • Just checked and you’re correct – not available for family members.

  2. Nice. Something for free, Kind of. I was going to stop my prime. I’m going to keep it going now. Amazon doesn’t do price match guarantee anymore. They was most of the time the cheapest and reliable games distributor. Not anymore.

    • After browsing the Lovefilm lists I’m deleting it at renewal. Wow the films are truly rubbish.

  3. Nope, poor deal. I’m already paying for Prime, but next year I’ll have to pay £30 a year more for Prime, and I don’t want Lovefilm at all!

  4. This presumably means that anyone not wanting to pay £79 a year will find the normal delivery times becoming even more random.

    I remember when I first started buying stuff from Amazon (15+ years ago) and it’d arrive next day. For a couple of quid extra. Now, next day involves £79 a year, or some ridiculous charge per order.

    And I can remember when the free delivery option started (before they removed the £15 minimum order price) and it’d arrive a couple of days later. Now, they just ignore the order for 4 or 5 days and then it arrives a day or 2 later.

    Obviously, Amazon send out huge amounts of stuff. And they obviously do some very clever things to do it all in the most efficient way. New, popular items seem to get sent out a lot quicker, even with free delivery. I guess there’s a big pile of them in a handy location? Older, but still popular, things tend to get sent quicker too. (If someone’s paying for delivery, they grab a handful of them and the free delivery customers get them sent at the same time. While someone happens to be in the same part of the huge warehouse)

    Currently, it all just about works in a reasonable time. And free delivery, if you wait a few days. I can’t see that continuing if they want to push Prime even more and charge that much for it. Free delivery is going to end up taking at least a week, every single time. And if paying for delivery ends up taking that long, people aren’t going to be pleased.

    Then again, maybe they’ll use all that extra money to fix Lovefilm. Perhaps start by building a UI that isn’t complete shit. Possibly the worst interface to anything I’ve ever seen. It’s that terrible.

    • Amazon Prime / Lovefilm just landed in our house and suddenly I’m being asked to pay for stuff on top of my monthly membership. What a load of nonsense… They *finally* get some decent films and – yes really – it’s extra! What a superb way to show loyalty to established subscribers.
      I shall be voting with my feet and cancelling today. Anyone else in the UK Feel this way?

  5. Am I reading this right?

    If someone doesn’t have prime or love film (me) but I then want lovefilm I can’t do the £6/month option anymore and have to spend £80 in one go which gets both services?

    TL:DR are they getting rid of new monthly subs?

    If so that’s mental!

    Ps what’s with my weird avatar?

    • Read another article on pocket lint and answered my own question.
      Monthly subs still available but you get no prime.

  6. There is an option to take the 1st year for the existing price of £49 (up to 26th Feb) for new subscribers of course.

  7. As others have said, Amazon is not what it was, I don’t use it for everything as I use to do. Prime is unnecessary from me as I am happy waiting a day more or buying the item somewhere else, and I hate Lovefilm mainly because the quality of the audio in the films kills the experience for me. (If I am invited again to another free trial I will see Vikings season 2 and that will be the end of it.)

  8. the Kindle book library thing sounds cool, but it turns out you can only borrow one book per month.

    Borrow a Book
    You can borrow one book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library each calendar month. You can deliver the book to other Kindle devices registered to your Amazon account.

    seems like Prime might not be worth getting if you’re not interested in the Lovefilm streaming now.

    you’d have to buy a shit ton of games to save enough on postage to make the new, ludicrously increased, price worthwhile, and the lending library “feature” is so pathetically limited it’s hardly even worth factoring into the decision.

    Lovefilm subscribers haven’t got it so bad though, a small increase, and they get access to the Prime features, they could easily save the extra money it will cost them in delivery charges.

    i don’t like the all or nothing approach though.
    when did choice become a bad thing?

    • i just realised, that heading is not entirely accurate is it?

      it may be free now, until a subscriber’s next renewal comes up at least, but after that it’s like, 60% extra, whether you want it or not.

    • The Kindle lending library is a nice freeby, but one book a month is daft. Just look on it as a nice perk, but it’s not worth subscribing for

  9. Looks like I’ll be getting LoveFilm for free for 11 months and then cancelling my Prime subscription.

  10. £79 a year!? I don’t think I ever really need something the next day enough to pay that much.

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