What We Played #144: Tomb Raider, Freedom Cry & 10 Second Ninja

If you remember from last week there was something of a rivalry developing around the game Threes! Well this week one of those rivals lays no claim to playing it whilst the other has played a great deal. I’ll leave you to decide what that says about who is still top of the leaderboard…

It’s Stefan who has been playing “Threes! Threes! and some more Threes!” this week. When not trying to topple someone else from their perch in that game he’s played “a fair old bit of” Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. He says that’s “a good bit of fun whether it’s co-op or competitive multiplayer you’re looking for” and laments its likely long absence from Sony platforms.

Dom is the first of a number of us to have been played the recently release Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. In a nutshell, “it’s awesome!” is his opinion and he’s glad he waited until its appearance on PS4. However he does “think that Lara dies in quite a spectacular fashion a bit too often but it’s probably unavoidable when she’s constantly falling off things.”


He’s also played a bit of Need for Speed: Rivals and LEGO: Marvel Superheroes. Of the latter he says that it’s “stupidly long really, with every time I play it barely advancing the % completion. I guess that’s good value for money!”

Our next raider of definitive tombs is DanToo. “Still not a huge fan of the story; it’s so cliché and the other crew members are so bloody annoying. Looked wonderful though, and I’m currently going back through it to collect all the relics and documents. Not that keen about the multiplayer.”

He’s dabbled a bit more with Battlefield 4’s online multiplayer which has left him wondering “if [he’s] bad or if the team [he’s] in is always bad. Always seem to get smashed every conquest match.” The latest store update saw him picking up Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Freedom Cry which he’s “really enjoying” so far.

Rather self-indulgently Blair has been playing his own “game which I’m making for Uni. Over and over again. It’s not really far into development, and very much a prototype but it’s going okay I think.” Where’s the free evaluation copy for all TSA staff and readers Blair? While not playing games for Uni work or watching the “amazing” House of Cards Season 2 he’s played Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and 10 Second Ninja.

Tuffcub rounds out our list this week and is another who has been getting to know the twists and turns of Tooms Tombs. “Lovely touch with the [REDACTED] at the end but I was starting to get bored of platforms, houses and other things which have been on the island for many many years, suddenly blowing/crumbling just as Lara reaches them. Made it feel very game-y.”

Then other than the obligatory Killzone: Shadow Fall he professes to not being sure why he’s been playing Cookie Clicker. “There appears to be no goal apart from get more cookies. I am now generating 1,405,179 cookies per second and it is starting to loose it’s appeal slightly but.. just a few more cookies.” So he’s less a big bear and more a cookie monster this week.

Also played some co-op Lego Marvel Super whatsits with industry tart, Sean Labode. Quite fun for a few hours but we got bored and decided to eat pizza and tease bearzes online instead.

I’ll leave you to make of that what you will whilst you tell us what you’ve been playing this week.



  1. I finally reached level 100 on GTA 5 Online, which was my last online trophy – so now the platinum is possible! :)

    I also got the last Tomb Raider online trophies, with thanks to Virtual_Rehality.

    After finishing those grinds I decided to reward myself so I started the The Last of Us DLC, Left Behind. Really enjoying it although its rather short and there’s not much in the way of combat sadly. I also played some MW2 with McProley and gazzagb on Wednesday – was good fun, still better than any of the recent CoDs, and fortunately there wasn’t any hackers.

    On Vita I’m still chipping away at Lego Lord of the Rings, and I returned to do a few missions on Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified (which is brutal on Veteran).

    I played a few demos too – the original FarCry, Dungeon Defenders – both have since been deleted. I also played some more Escape Plan on PS4 with my son.

    Been playing a fair bit of Threes! too, but I’m pretty useless.

    I’ve still not got around to trying Outlast, Assassins Creed: Freedom Cry or Final Fantasy Lightning Returns yet….so many games, not enough time!

    • Good work with GTA! What’s left to bag offline?
      I’ve been playing Killzone Merenary, great game with predictably excellent online, love it.

      • Thanks mate…sadly most of the offline is still required, but at least it’s all pretty manageable, and I can do it at any time without worrying if the online is still available etc. I say sadly, but the game is great so it’s not exactly a chore! :)

        The KZ:M online is great actually….since MW2, the only competitive online multiplayer I’ve enjoyed is that and The Last of Us. I also prefer smaller lobbies where it isn’t too chaotic, which helps.

      • I think you’re right, 4 on 4 seemed to be disappointing when I read the reviews but it really is ideal for the map sizes, which are also nicely compact.

        I really enjoyed almost all the collection jobs in GTA, the diving for plane parts were a ballache so might be best to get them out of the way first. Looking for letters and spaceship parts with a helicopter is a good challenge though so I think you’ll like it, finding landing spots without trashing your chopper can be amusingly difficult! I’ll be happy to do it all again on the PS4.

      • Yeah, the maps in KZ are also really good.

        Don’t the GTA collectables take ages, as there are 50 of some, 25 of others :/ Was thinking (rather than your chopper idea) about using a guide, and just getting a cab to each location. Either that or a quad/Sanchez so the terrain (assuming it’s not water) doesn’t get in my way and I can take the most direct route possible to each one.

        Thanks for the heads-up regarding the plane parts, might get them out the way first then!

      • I think it took me a couple of hours for each 50 object task with the buzzard and a guide at a relaxed pace, humming the Top Gun, Dambuster or Indiana Jones themes wearing aviators! If you haven’t already then do the flying lessons and the bridges, see how you get on.

      • The collectibles aren’t too bad to be honest, you’ll find you do need a helicopter for some of them as they are on unscalable building rooftops and the like. Most are straight forward though. 100% isn’t nearly as bad as GTAIV. I think all I’m missing in single player are the trophies for the stunt jumps (hate them!) and getting a gold medal on all missions… I HATED the knife flights – they were hard work even with a guide!

        Also, there are a few slight grinds left – all I’ll say is “Kifflom!” ;-)

  2. i’ve been playing Rainbow Moon, which i bought in a recent PSN sale.

    great game, i love a good tactics RPG, and this is a good one.

    just one thing, i saw a trophy for getting to level 500.
    well, i got to level 10 after about 11 hours.
    i’m playing on hard mode admittedly, but damn, it’s gonna take years to get that trophy isn’t it?

  3. I have been playing DMC on the PS3, and Thomas was alone and Hotline Miami on the Vita. I have truly enjoyed the 3 games (I am still playing DMC and Hotline Miami).

    I didn’t expect to like DMC as I don’t like melee games but I am enjoying the story and the style of the game. I thought that Thomas was alone was going to be only pretentious but I found the game very entertaining and just challenging enough not to have to check walkthrough videos. Also I thought that Hotline Miami was going to be only pretentious but I am finding it very addictive and fast-paced.

  4. Completed my Spec Ops:The Line FUBAR difficulty play through for platinum number five! Woohoo!

    Really weird though, bits that were straight forward the first two goes (normal and suicide mission) turned out to be right swines, like the sandstorm at the end of chapter 3 and the start of chapter 6: the pit (took me an hour to clear that first checkpoint). Yet the parts I thought would be murder like chapter 14 with the two overlapping turrets were a walk in the park!

    Then started on infamous 1… Also picked up Ghosts for the PS4 but after trying the MP for half an hour I got bored and switched back to infamous, make of that what you will… I’m liking infamous though, despite getting a real stomach churning feeling every time I leap off a tall building.

    • Well done with the spec ops the line plat, I completed FUBAR a few weeks back and found the playthrough ok (more or less as expected) up until chapter 14 which was a absolute mare from start to finish, really tough going. Satisfying to complete though!

      • Thanks! Most of FUBAR was not that much harder than the other difficulties, just the odd bit that caused some trouble. The hardest part of chapter 14 for me was the very start, took a few tries to get past that but then the rest was almost disappointingly easy. Like you say though very satisfying to complete the whole game on that difficulty!

      • Indeed, there were a couple of tasty moments here and there like chapter 6 etc. Also babysitting the squaddies when they were dropping like sacks of spuds and in need resuscitation right in the thick of a firing range resulting in a suicidal dash trying to save them before the timer ran out lol.

  5. Finally the drought is over! Got my first 2014 platinum in the form of tearaway. And I’m nearly tgere with FIFA 14, the match day trophy is the only one left and I’m struggling.

    Toukiden on the vita really nothing much

    • Well done on the plat mate!

      Did you do the GK skill challenge in the end? Just keep checking the Match Day challenge…apparently they occasionally put an easier one up.

      One tip – if you have one with a corner or free-kick at the start, you can pause and restart (without having to go back to the main menu) until you score from it.

      • Lol thanks, it felt like arsenal winning the trophy for the first time in 9 years. Na I did dribbling skill, killed it with Ronaldo, I think that’s the easiest challenge. I dunno how to score corners, I have a decent match but it’s 10 mins long so I don’t get a chance come back

      • Yeah, those Match Days ones suck, just make sure you keep checking as you don’t want to miss an easier one. I read somewhere once that there was a 0-0 game and all you had to do was score the penalty!!

      • That would be a perfect one, 0-0 start off with a penalty. At the moment, I have to come back from 2-1 against PSG which I can do manage a draw but when Ibrahimovic touches the ball I lose the game instantly.

        What I find annoying about this trophy, it doesn’t say win or lose but play match day on world class at least

  6. Relatively little this week … Got the platinum for GT6 (in just 10 days) and with a little help from Forrest I also got the platinum for Pure.
    I also went back and finished off the trophies for the LBP2 DC Comics level pack.
    Aside from those I’ve just been mucking about with Minecraft, Diablo 3 and Skate 3.

    Right now I’m off to make a start on EDF 2025.

  7. Started another out of my backlog – Red Faction: Armageddon. Finished 1st couple of levels and really disappointed so far, especially since I loved Guerilla. After the great time I had in the sandbox of the last game I can’t believe they decided to make this one a basic corridor shooter. I’ll stick with it for another few hours to see if it improves.
    Had a nice couple of games of Tokyo Jungle, plus another few hours in Skyrim (as usual).

  8. This week I finally got the AC Black Flag platinum on PS4. Throughly enjoyed it,although the same can’t be said for the multiplayer,which just gets boring after a while.
    I have also started Lego the Movie on PS4 which is such fun to play!

    • Amen to that – I loved the story but the multiplayer trophies were truly a grind. Luckily it didn’t take too long though!

      Well done :-)

  9. This week I mainly played the Titanfall beta. It’s certainly a fun game but “COD with Mechs” is a pretty fair summary of the gameplay. Had I not have logged over 70 hours on Black Ops 2 last year this wouldnt have really been a problem, but I’m a bit bored of that formula and was hoping for something different. I’ll still buy it to play with friends but I can safely say I wasn’t really blown away.

    Other than that I have been playing Killzone online. Really enjoying it right now and trying my best to focus on all three classes rather than just one. 250 challenges down so far and having a blast. It’s also much prettier than Titanfall ;)

  10. Mainly played KZ Shadowfall multiplayer this week. The pistol only warzones are awesome, particularly the penthouse with it’s revolving doors at the centre of the map. Still find that approx 90% of the kills i get on the pistol only maps are melee. Managing to get my k/d ratio edging slowly towards something respectable. Might move on from the support class this week though. On the Vita is been the highly impressive Stick It To The Man. A very competent point & click platformer (that’s what i’d call it anyway) that’s slipped under the radar? Also trying to work through the silver rank courses on Everybody’s Golf. That could take some time !!!

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