Gran Turismo 5’s DLC Going Offline Soon

Following the recent revelation that Polyphony Digital would be shutting down the online servers for 2010’s Gran Turismo 5, the developer has now posted an update on their official website – which also announces that all DLC for the title will disappear from the PlayStation Network Store as of April 30th 2014.

So, if you want to pick up any of those extra cars – or indeed ‘pimp’ your 1993 Nissan Sunny with a powder-pink candy-coat – go ahead and grab the DLC now, before this questionable opportunity passes you by forever.


As to be expected, Polyphony round off their news with assurances that players who have already purchased any of the additional content will not see it removed from their games, and the items will remain available via your download lists should you need to delete or reinstall Gran Turismo 5 at a later date.

I guess they really want you to pick up Gran Turismo 6or 7.




  1. Gran turismo eh. I loved the old games. Gt2 is one the best games of all time. Gran turismo 7 on ps4 would make me seriously consider getting a ps4

  2. They could at least put it on sale or even free before taking it down.

  3. A bit of a weird move. The data is still available on their servers if you can get it through the download-list, so they’re just removing it from the store.

    • So they re-sell the same shot for GT6 probably.

      • Haha, accidentally self-censored there.

  4. Most but not all of the DLC will still be available for purchase by buying the Academy version of GT5. It’d be a strange time to be buying GT5 now anyway with 6 out there, current, and reasonably priced.

    • Academy edition doesn’t have the dlc on disc, its a voucher code you redeem. That’s if the code works, unlike the copy I bought.

      • As long as the voucher code works I suppose it’s the same as having the DLC in your download list, assuming from what they mentioned about the DLC files being still online just not available in the store anymore.

  5. To be fair, all the DLC for GT5 is included in GT6 for free, so get GT6 as it has been heavily discounted now, under £25. :)

  6. It’s a shame that games are being turned off early to make space on the network for the PS4 demand. They really should be investing some of that PS+ money into increasing server capacity instead.

  7. I am frustrated that the online offerings for this game are switched off soon. I’ve played it nowhere nearly enough and had no intention to buy GT6. We’ve waited for ages for this title to arrive, and now they shut it off already. Is a shame, and they fail making me buy GT6 by doing this.
    Today is a sunny day, though, spring will be with us soon. :o)

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