PS4’s Japanese Launch Sales Dwarf PS3’s But PS2 Still King

The great news just keeps coming for the people responsible for PlayStation 4’s launch. The latest feather in their cap is the first sales count from Japan, taken just two days after the console’s launch and covering February 22nd – February 23rd.

In that time, the PS4 sold 322,082 units, according to Famitsu. That’s a good number, and a great deal more than the PS3 managed in its first couple of days (88,443 units, according to the same source). It’s a fair way off the 650,522 Japanese sales that made the PS2 the fastest selling console ever but selling almost four times the numbers of your previous comparable product is still likely to be cause for celebration within Sony.


For comparison, the Wii U launch in Japan saw roughly 310,000 in its first week and the Wii, which went on to be tremendously popular, sold roughly 380,000 in that time frame.

The Xbox consoles have traditionally had a hard time in Japan with the Xbox 360 managing just over 60,000 sales in its first two days, half the approximate two-day total of its predecessor, and the Xbox One putting off its Japanese launch until later this year.

Source: Famitsu



  1. Well done SONY, glory PlayStation :D The figures are indeed looking very good. Wasn’t someone saying, a while back, something about the end of home consoles ? Ow…In your face Gabe ! ^^

  2. Most impressive, I wonder how long until they sell out there.

  3. Great new, Well done, Sony.

  4. An impressive start and i’ve been reading that many retailers in Japan have sold all available stock and are waiting for the second wave of deliveries. It’ll be interesting to see where the sales are after a few weeks.

  5. Go Sony :-)

  6. Sony goes from strength to strength.

  7. Half as good as a PS2, three times as good as PS3 (650,522 vs. 88,443 vs. 322,082) – the numbers make sense.

  8. Team Sony!

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