Trials Fusion Coming To Xbox Consoles, PC And PS4 This April

Firstly, an admission: I properly love the Trials games. I mean, totally adore them. So keep that in mind as I try to bring you this news in as objective a fashion as I can muster.

Ubisoft has announced another instalment in RedLynx’s critically acclaimed Trials series. The new game, Trials Fusion, is coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC via Steam and – a first for the series – PlayStation 4.

It’ll be available for £15.99 from April 16th on Xbox Store and PSN Store, with a boxed version of the game, including the season pass, available from retailers from Thursday April 17th. That’s just in time for the long Easter weekend so you’ll have plenty of time to sink into the game.

That season pass will cost an extra £15.99 from the digital stores, if you don’t buy the disc-based version of the game. It will include access to the six planned DLC packs available between the game’s release and the end of April 2015 and it represents a 30% saving on buying them all individually.

The editor mode is making a welcome return, along with the physics-based gameplay you would expect but there is also a new trick system in there so you’ll have something else to do when you manage to grab some big air, aside from trying not to mess up your landing.

Source: press release


  1. Result, chuffed this is coming to PS4. I loved the first trials game on 360. I purchased the Vita clone game and it just does not have the same appeal or feel that trials does.

  2. Never thought i’d see a release of any Trials game on a Sony console. Can’t wait for this. Trials was the only thing i missed since moving from a MS console to Sony.

  3. Can’t wait. Definite day one purchase for both the game and the season pass.

  4. Half a game for £15.99 and the other half for the same price with the season pass?

    Making the whole game £32.98? And then you’ve got to wait until they actually release the rest of it. And hope they _do_ release it and nothing disastrous happens between the main game’s release and whenever they get the rest done.

    Unless… No, they couldn’t have done the whole game and split it up into chunks they can sell later?

    I don’t normally object to DLC, but in this case they seem to be seriously taking the piss.

  5. Day one. A ps+ pre order discount would be nice.

  6. Niiice, looks very good, like trials meets Trackmania meets Sonic Adventure… or something. Also, possibly a candidate for a Plus freebie later in the year?

  7. Almost certain to buy this

  8. Stupid pricing model!

  9. £15.99 sounds reasonable for the game, and I’m looking forward to playing it on ps4 after trying the previous games on 360.

    £15.99 again for the season pass seems a bit silly. I don’t like the idea of a season pass anyway because you kind of feel handcuffed to play the game and that isn’t enjoyable, more like a grind.

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