PlayStation Plus March Content Confirmed

The rumours and leaks were right. The EU PS Blog has just posted up confirmation of what’s coming to PlayStation Plus in March and it matches up with the bits and pieces that we’d been hearing about for a couple of weeks. That’s no bad thing, of course.

The PlayStation 4 loses Outlast (or Sound Shapes) but gains Housemarque’s top-down zombie shooter, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. That’s the full game and the DLC that we’ve seen before on PS3 and it could make for an excellent subject in TSA’s Plus Points Challenge next month…


PlayStation 3 is getting Tomb Raider and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which are both very well loved games, for very different reasons. Tomb Raider is an excellent, big budget action adventure and Brothers is a clever indie puzzler. Both are very much worth your time, if you’ve yet to enjoy them.

The Vita isn’t left out either, it’ll get Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD, which is a brilliant tower defence game that was born on the PSP but the visual upgrade is luscious and the gameplay is extremely compelling. The Vita also gets Smart As… which is a kind of quiz/brain training game that I wasn’t very keen on… Still, for the grand old price of free, you mustn’t grumble!

Here’s the full list of comings and goings:

Leaving PS Plus on 5th March:

  • Outlast/Sound Shapes
  • Metro Last Light
  • Guacamelee! (Cross Buy)
  • Dynasty Warriors Next
  • ModNation Racers Road Trip

Entering PS Plus on 5th March:

  • Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition
  • Tomb Raider
  • Brothers A Tale of Two Sons
  • Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD
  • Smart As

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Sound shapes? That looks interesting, was it just for countries that outlast was too violent/scary for?

    • Great little game, i got it free on PS4 at launch as a cross-buy title but i think it was also an alternative for Germany instead of Outlast last month on Plus.

      • What? Germany didn’t get Outlast..? What a shame..!

  2. Pleased about Dead Nation and Pixeljunk Monsters on Vita, have been tempted by that a few times.

    • Dead Nation also has a great platinum trophy name, assuming it’ll have the same list.

      • Me and my wife played the hell out of Dead Nation on the PS3. Can’t wait for the PS4 version…! I hope they do a sequel as well…

  3. Pixeljunk monsters cannot be recommended highly enough. It’s brilliant, probably my favourite vita game.
    Looking forward to getting stuckk into some coop, top down zombie slaying too!

  4. Perfect timed for my new PS Vita, which I get on Wednesday LOL!!
    Is 30 years old too old to be getting a Vita for your birthday ?….naaa!!!

    • I got one for christmas 2012. I was 41 at the time.

      So no, it’s never too old to get nice things for christmases and birthdays.

      • I got one as a belated 40th late last year, as my kite-boarding lessons fell through.

        Not looked back!

      • I also got it for my 40th!

      • You lot are old lol

      • haha!!…and the stereotype still says gaming is for kids. This is the generation of the parent gamers

    • I’ve just started playing mine on my 40minute commute on the train – not sure why I didn’t sooner! Getting some serious persona 4 golden time!

      I find I go through phases where it sits there for months them doesn’t get put down

  5. Picked up Brothers in the January sale. Cute little game.

    The rest all looks like lots of fun for me next month then. Until next week, I can just laugh at the moaning idiots on the official announcement blog thing. As always, there are people complaining that they’ve already got 1 of the games and they’re only getting slightly more value than their whole year’s PS+ subscription this single month.

    Those people don’t deserve nice things.

  6. Really looking forward to Dead Nation on PS4. As mentioned, it’ll be perfect for the monthly TSA challenge!

  7. I’m LOVING these PS+ updates. I haven’t bought a PS3 game in ages because of my backlog. I’ve been wanting to play Tomb Raider and Brothers for a while so this is very welcome news.

    Lately I completed Metro Last Light, XCOM and Remember Me, and started Batman Arkham City last night, so it could take me a while to get round to these.

  8. Ooh excellent stuff! Loved Dead nation on PS3 but never completed it so would love to try it again.

  9. As a day 1 Vita adopter I find myself continuously frustrated month after month, to the point where it may just be time to call it quits on the system for me.
    I’ve had this conversation with a few recent adopters of the system and they keep telling me “but look at the games coming” I understand their view, but what they dont understand is I payed £200+ for this system 2 years ago. Every game available through the PS Plus service I have either already purchased, or had the option too but simply wasn’t interested in the title.
    With some of the poorest showings at every major gaming convention since its release has also made me look at the future of the system negatively and has even infuriated me at times towards Sony.
    The Indie to A+ title ratio on the system is absurd right now, I shouldn’t have too look forward to a game that will retail for £4.99 and be unable too hold my attention for longer than 15 minutes after the systems pre-release messaging was “console-quality gaming on the go”

    Im not holding my breath for even a mediocre showing at GDC, PAX, E3 or Gamescom this year with the release of PS4, but if after E3 I feel enough is coming to the platform I’ll gladly hold onto it, if not im abandoning ship and never looking back.

    • Wow, I’m completely the opposite to you. I’m a very earlier adopter too and cannot fault the variety of games on offer apart from I’ve always wanted more RPG’s for it but now there are loads! My Vita has completely changed my work life. Now i’m not mind numbingly bored all day everyday. And I’m earning trophies on the go too. who could possibly fault that?

    • Whilst I’m not frustrated by it (don’t get to use my Vita too much), I do totally agree with you. Uncharted, Killzone, WipEout, LBP and Tearaway are all amazing, so I would love to see more AAA titles – the system is clearly capable of it!

      I’m not hugely into “mobile” gaming so there is certainly a lot of crap £3-£4 games to ignore, but some indie games have been excellent.

      • As Proley points out…it helps if you’re an RPG fan at the moment! :)

    • EditorGed,

      It does never stop amazing me how different opinions can be.

      I bought my Vita last Christmas. My plan was to use it mainly for remote playing with the PS4 as I thought that I was not into handheld devices.

      How wrong I was.

      I have been playing Vita non-stop: Teraway, Persona 4, Ys, Thomas was alone, Guacamelee and more. And I have a reasonable wish list for things to buy (quite a few games have been reviewed here recently). I love it. I agree that it could have more games but the same applies to every device.

    • I kind of agree but not to the point I’d ever get rid of my Vita.

      For me (read: my opinion) there arent enough ‘big’ games I’d like to play. The fascination with Japanese games and RPGs just hours right over my head.

      That said, the large adoption of the Vita by PS4 owners can only be a good thing, previously I’d seen it as a bit niche and Sony kept those players happy, Now we have more ‘ normal’ gamers Sony will have to increase the output of western titles to keep them happy.

      At least that’s how I see it.

      • I completely agree with all of you to a point and even though I certainly enjoy RPG’s Im not into the whole anime JRPG’s like a high majority of Vita owners. As some of you pointed out its all personal opinion which I agree and this is just my personal opinion. Im more annoyed that an indie game gets more hyped up on Vita than AAA titles.

        Take Olli Olli for instance, look at the marketing push for that game compared to the likes of NFS:MW, Tearaway and Borderlands 2 for that matter. I couldn’yt get away from websites and sony reps touting this game on every social media network going, yet I certainly don’t recall the same for any of the games mentioned above.

    • Just bought my vita and I am really looking forward to playing a lot of games for it. Uncharted, gravity rush, persona 4, lone survivor, terraria, ys, rayman legends, for me the list goes on. The upcoming demon gaze might be worth a look too.

    • Just sell it and buy a 3DS, they make games for it.

  10. Cool, i’ll enjoy Dead Nation again on PS4 and it is a perfect choice for one of the TSA tournaments – it certainly was when i won that nifty DN T-shirt a while back, thanks guys! :)
    Also, having the opportunity to play TR again for free means i’m even less likely to pick up the definitive edition now.

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