Santa Monica’s Sci-Fi IP May Have Been Revealed At E3, Too Similar To Destiny?

It’s likely that, down the line, we’ll see some footage or at least a picture of Sony Santa Monica’s cancelled project, which led to fifty lost jobs earlier this week, as Sony shifted the studio around to focus on other projects, but we won’t be seeing at E3, as it was allegedly planned.

The title probably wasn’t an entry into the God of War series, unless they were entirely shifting the focus, as according to DualShockers’ source, it was a new science fiction IP, which might have featured some of the talent behind Battlestar Galactica, Michael Angeli.


Some of the sources say that the game was shaping up really well, while others claim playtesting wasn’t working out, and they just weren’t hitting development goals, while one claims that it was “really unique”.

Now, that doesn’t seem to actually be the case and perhaps the real reason the game was cancelled was due to its similarity to another big new IP, Destiny. Rocket Chainsaw are claiming that the game’s original build may have found itself aiming for the same goals as Destiny, and it’s easy to see how the game could have lost its excellence as they tried to shift away from that.

Rather than endure years of development hell, it seems as though Sony cut the metaphorical cord, avoiding a situation where they have an IP which tries and fails to differentiate itself, just as they experienced with PS3 game Haze.

It’s such a shame to see an interesting project cancelled, after straying off course, and even worse to see talented developers with a good initial vision lose their jobs. While Cory Barlog has posted a thinly veiled rebuttal to this information on twitter, it’s definitely something that makes sense in the context of game development.

Source: DualShockers / RocketChainsaw



  1. It is a shame that another project has been cancelled in Santa Monica but if it really was going to go in as direct competition with Destiny, something that Sony have paid hansomly for exclusive content for, then it makes sense to can it.

    Better to focus on other projects than let another First Party title march out to market to get ignored – a la Puppeteer, Tearaway etc

  2. I don’t think Sony can afford to continue 1st party support for new IPs. Sure the got The Order coming out, but it’s been in development for some time and has received a positive reception. Drive Club also falls into the area of- point of no return.
    Plus, the whole cutting it because its too similar to Destiny is bullshit. Every other game is similar to every other game. Battlefield / CoD, Uncharted/ Tomb Raider, GTA/ every other open world game… the list goes on. After all its not like Destiny has aready launched and there’s millions of copies buried out in a desert. Once Destiny launches I’m sure there’s going to be lots of future games that borrow from it, so having something similar shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

    This is all about money, money that Sony doesn’t have to risk development on new IPs. It kinda makes me wonder what the console wars are going to look like next year if Sony can’t afford to compete with MS.

    • think your completely of the mark the PS4 will be supported very good its selling out fast.

      we are talking about a company that released a new IP at the end of last gen we all no how great that turned out.

      Sony have so many first party studios 1 game being canned that no one ever saw is not the doom your making it out to be.

      • Its not that they’re just going to give up, its obvious they’re going to support the PS4, and as long as it maintains decent sales 3rd parties will support it as well. But if Sony is broke, they’re not going to take as many chances with new IPs. Just look at the biggest games coming out from 1st party. Drive Club and The Order are the only new major releases and they’ve been announced since/before launch. The other big games are, Infamous, Uncharted, MLB 14, and possibly Dead Nation. Those might not be the only titles being developed- but they’re the biggest. Plus there are already talks about a Last of Us sequel, so I think its safe to say where Sony is heading development wise. Also add in the under performance of Knack and they might not be confidant enough to take a chance.
        I’m aware developers get laid off as part of the job, but Sony is closing stores, laying off employees, selling buildings, selling divisions, canceling games, these aren’t signs of a financially healthy company. The question really isn’t how long Sony can support, but how will they support. If Sony can’t bring exciting and fresh 1st party games because they can’t afford to absorb the loss from new IPs if they fail, how can they compete with companies that can afford to take more chances. If they truthfully cancelled this game because it was horrible then that’s ok… I guess (its still sad people got laid off) since it was a decision of quality, but when they sell of the PC division, and then cancel a game because it’s similar to another, well that smells more like Sony trying to save cash, because having a similar game isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially if its one alot of people are waiting for like Destiny.
        I think people just assume since Sony has been around “forever” that they’re always going to be here and they’ll always have a Playstation, but the hard reality is Sony at a whole is in rough shape and it’s possible that they might have to make some decisions that impact the Playstation brand to save the Sony brand. and IMO they’ve already have, one of which is scale down production of new/ risky IPs. :)

  3. The catch-22
    Reveal early and then get complaints of “vapourware” (Alan Wake, Duke Nukem, Agent etc etc) and time taken to deliver after reveal
    Or hold back and possibly have your thunder stolen

    Space warfare seems to be the “in” thing currently. So it’s getting harder to differentiate in that genre. Perhaps they can revisit the game later in the generation when the next trend has kicked off.

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