Cel Damage HD Causing Chaos On PS3, PS4 & Vita This Spring

New studio Finish Line Games has announced that for its first project it’s revisiting 2001 title Cel Damage, a vehicular combat game, and giving it a HD makeover. The original had been available on the PSN Store, but has since been removed from sale likely in an attempt to help the newer version get the sales it needs. There isn’t yet a release date or price, but the game will be available as a cross buy title for PS3, PS4 and Vita. Cel Damage HD will also have cross saves.

Cel Damage HD has six playable characters, 30 different weapons and 13 different stages with three game modes, which are the deathmatch mode Smack Attack, capture the flag mode Flag Rally, and race mode Gate Relay. There’s also mention of split-screen multiplayer which will support up to four players, though the blog post doesn’t mention online play. However due to the prevalence of online multiplayer it would be surprising if it wasn’t present.

Source: Finish Line Games/PS Blog



  1. Lmao!! Next…

  2. I actually loved Cel Damage, it may not have been technically very good at anything but it was pure couch multiplayer fun and, against every recommendation, I spent many a late night on it.
    If online multiplayer is included this time, I’ll probably have to buy this haha.

  3. What a bizarre choice. It wasn’t that great the first time around and won’t have aged well.

    This will rely heavily on nostalgia sales due to its lack of new content.

  4. I

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