Luftrausers Flying In To Combat On PS3, Vita, PC, Mac & Linux March 18th

Vlambeer has confirmed the release date for aerial combat title Luftrausers, and it’s coming to PS3, Vita , PC, Mac and Linux on March 18th. It looks like quite the frantic little title and could be fun to play especially as it looks like a game where you’ll want to beat your own and friends scores. It’s currently available to pre-order on Steam for £6.29, and while it isn’t available to pre-order on Sony’s store I’d assume the selling price will be similar.


In the run up to the release date you can also practice your skills on the official Luftrausers website, where there is a demo available to play in the browser. At the minute I’ve only managed a low score because the sudden frantic action caught me off guard a bit. However, it is a fun demo to have a go on and really gives a flavour for what the main release will be like.




  1. Looks like a gameboy game. And not even a good one.

  2. After seeing that video my first thought was that I’d rather play Sky Fighter.

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