Podcast: Oddworld Special – A New ‘n’ Tasty Interview With Lorne Lanning and Stewart Gilray

We’re awfully sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled podcast this week, but I’m sure you can forgive us as we’ve replaced it with an interview with Lorne Lanning and Stewart Gilray about New ‘n’ Tasty, the wider Oddworld universe and the gaming industry as a whole. If you missed the last time we talked to these guys then you’re in for a real treat, and if you did see our 2012 interview then you’ll know that both Lorne and Stewart are absolutely fascinating guys to talk to.

In fact they’re so spellbinding that what we’d assumed would be about a thirty minute interview turned into a nearly two hour long Skype call, meaning that we ditched what we had taped of our normal podcast format and decided that this interview really needed some space to breath on its own.

We’d obviously like to thank both Lorne and Stewart for spending an evening talking to us, and for the openness and honesty they both approached the interview with that, in my opinion at least, really makes this a great podcast. I’d also like to apologise for any mild audio quality issues you may encounter, but such is the nature of Skype.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. No Kev? Meh.

    • He went to see War Horse at the last minute.

      • War Horse is very good, very clever. I don’t normally listen to the podcast but this week I will, looking forward to it!

    • <3

  2. Stitcher?

  3. Great stuff! Will listen to this while I’m on lunch break. Can’t wait for this game (or any Oddworld game) to come out. I’m so glad JAW brought this amazing franchise back to life.

  4. V good podcast. Well done chaps. You should have made them do the quiz tho :)

  5. Great podcast guys, nice one.

    I personally have never played or even had any fleeting interest in the Oddworld series of games so wasn’t really expecting this podcast to do much for me. However I was massively wrong. Despite having little prior knowledge of Lorne or Stewart I found them both to be great guys and the candidness to which they discussed the game, their views on the industry and the ways they do business were a great thing to be able to listen to. I have now gone from having zero interest in New ‘n’ Tasty to looking forward to hearing more. Great questions from the three of you too and congrats for getting such a great interview onto the podcast.

  6. Great podcast, chaps. The only negative side to it I can think of is that whoever you persuade to be interviewed next would be an anticlimax. I doubt you’d get anyone with the combination of passion, verbosity and frankness as Lorne Lanning, so maybe quit while you’re ahead :)

  7. OMG that was amazing. Initially I though this would get somehow boring and I was a bit angry that I couldn’t get myself in the podcast via twitter, but in the end this was just bonkers! Fantastic. I hope you guys don’t mind I posted a reference to this podcast page at a Polish games site, as a blog post, because I wanted as many people as possible to listen to this.

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