PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Coming To PS4 and Vita

Double Eleven is one of those great UK studios that has carved a path for itself with some very recognisable PlayStation favourites. Whether it’s bringing Sackboy to the Vita or putting PixelJunk Shooter onto Windows, Mac and Linux, they’ve always done a great job.

So it’s good news that the studio has just announced another mission to bring an old favourite to a new platform. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

That’s no surprise, of course, Double Eleven brought the compelling strategy of PixelJunk Monsters to the Vita and PC platforms with the Ultimate HD release and they have repeatedly shown themselves to be skilfully adept with the Vita’s hardware. The Shooter games join Frozen Synapse Tactics which is also under development at Double Eleven for PS Vita. This will be the first game(s) we know they’re bringing to the PS4.

It bundles up the campaigns from Shooter and Shooter 2 into one 60-frame-per-second (on PS4) package with upgraded visuals and cross platform play between PS4 and Vita. They’ve also updated the HUD and improved the scoring system, apparently. Another excuse to play a great game.

Source: EU PS Blog


  1. #winning

  2. Great little games, 100% completed Pixeljunk 1 but got stuck near the start of 2. Gonna have to get back to it one day.

  3. Yawn.

  4. Yes! I would love a new game in the series but i won’t turn down the opportunity to play two of my favourite games in HD on PS4!

  5. Never played PixelJunk before but looks like a great fit for my Vita, I’m really looking forward to this :)

  6. Wait, both games in one and on PS4? I already own them on PS3, but this is suddenly a must buy!

    I wonder how the graphics have been improved.

  7. I will defo go for this on Vita.

  8. Sounds like a must have for the Vita, really enjoyed this on the PS3, but I know it will suit a handheld really well.

  9. I’ll wait for it to come to PS+ but it’s a nice little game to fill the PS4 PSN library with!

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