New Tweets Seem To Be Solidifying Russia As The Next Assassin’s Creed Destination

A couple of weeks back a whole host of clues appeared linking Assassin’s Creed to Russia, with leaked logos and potential story ideas, though the leaked unverified press release pointed towards London. Over the last few days though the AC Initiates Twitter has been posting Assassin’s Creed trivia linked to Russia, from the birthday of Tsar Alexander III, the Russian Revolution, and a parting of the ways between the Assassins.


While the first two events are definitely Russian the third tweet adds to the puzzle as a fan on Twitter, going by the name Kosappi, discovered the picture is of the Lhasa Express, which is the world’s highest railway line running between China and Tibet. Who knows, maybe the new game will have the protagonist traverse between these three locations. This is all speculation but it’s hard not to say Russia will feature in the next game.

Source: Twitter



  1. It definitely looks like we’ll be playing as Nikolai Orelov then, can’t wait to find out more about the game.

  2. Assassins Creed: Fight for Crimea

    Very topical

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