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It might be Batman: Arkham Knight which has fans of the series fizzing with excitement, but it could actually be the last entry, Arkham Origins, which likely holds the key to future games. With Rocksteady busying themselves with their next-gen game, the franchise was turned over to Warner Bros. Montreal to try and put their own stamp on. Chances are that we’ll see them having another crack at it in the coming years.

Taking the story back to the beginning of Batman’s career as Gotham’s top noggin knocker and criminal stopper, it featured a lot of the early interactions he had with a whole host of villainous rivals.


As WB Montreal’s first go of it, I thought they did a pretty solid job, as I wrote in my review:

There’s some great stuff to see here, but it doesn’t really push the franchise off in a new direction. For a new studio’s first attempt in the franchise, I think that’s really what it needed to be, so they can build their own legacy in the future.

On top of the solid foundations which they inherited from Rocksteady, the open world traversal and the excellent combat system, they created a new world to explore and added in the new Case File Investigations, to hunt for clues in a crime scene and track your way back to the culprit.

More revolutionary was the addition of a unique three-way multiplayer mode, which saw Batman and Robin interrupting a turf war between the Joker and Bane’s goons. It was an intriguing blend, and actually surprisingly tricky, but also a mode that highlighted the game’s flaws. It was buggy.

At launch it was difficult to get into a multiplayer match, and a lot of people suffered from frame rate issues and other bugs in the single player. The problem was that many of these didn’t get fixed, culminating in the recent news that WB Montreal would not even be considering a patch to fix the progression blocking bugs until after the upcoming DLC is released. Needless to say that people were not happy.

But what did you think of the title? Were you affected by bugs as you played, or was it all calm in the night as it was for me? Beyond that, did it do enough to justify handing the reigns over to WB Montreal and did it live up to Rocksteady’s legacy?

Let us know in the comments section below, by writing a short review of the title. Don’t drag on too long, and keep it short but sweet (or sour, if you feel so inclined). Remember to leave a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating on the end, and get your words in before Sunday afternoon to be included in next week’s Verdict round-up.



  1. I very much enjoyed it. While it did not quite hit the level of Arkham City graphically or game play wise it was very close and a great first game for a studio building a solid foundation for future development. I did not hit any bugs and played through pretty quickly in the run up the the PS4 release.

    However, I was very disappointed to hear that the studio was going to no fix game breaking bugs in favour of paid DLC. That is unsatisfactory even if I did no experience any. Since I do not know what trouble someone might hit playing the game I can only give it a Bargain Bin It. Given my enjoyment of the game it should have been higher.

  2. I expected this game to be a disaster the way people reacted to it but I didn’t think it was that bad. It’s been a while since I played the first two Arkham games but I’d say this is pretty much on the same level. Only real negative is that cutscenes sometimes stutter and occasionally lose audio but overall I was happy with it for what it was. Bargain Bin.

  3. I’m a massive fan of both Batman and the Arkham series, but I was mildly disappointed in Arkham Origins. Whilst it was a solid, and occasionally beautiful game, the previously incredible combat seemed less fluid, due in part to some ill advised tweaks to the timings, and the story more bland. I did enjoy seeing some of the less well known members of Batman’s rogues gallery, although many of the boss fights were pretty straightforward in action.

    Most worrying was the lack of passion with which the game was put together, especially compared to Rocksteady’s work. The streets were empty, the fanboy nods were asinine and obvious and the whole city felt that is was lacking the heart from the previous entries – the worst sin given how lovingly put together Asylum and City were.

    The ‘fight’ with the Electrocutioner was great though.

  4. As someone who has played all three games in this series and enjoyed them so much as to complete the story modes to full completion (a very rare occurance for me)my outlook on this game is that it’s good. Not brilliant, not awful, just good.

    Having said that, I was one of the people for whom the bugs seemed to come cosistently, but luckily none were of the game-breaking variety. Admittedly these were extremely annoying, especially when they occured at important moments in the story. Also (as someone who only played it near the beginning of the release where all the problems seemed to be) while the multiplayer was fun I only managed to play a couple of games since the loading times for lobbys were ridiculous (over half an hour wait for a single game).

    That being said, the story was fairly good, the characters, while only appearing briefly, were enjoyable, the boss fights were fun and, in some cases, challenging, and Origins had to have one of the best side-mission systems in the Arkham series.

    For an Arkham game not developed by Rocksteady, it is a decent game. The main problem is that it would have been more than just decent if they had spent a little more time refining it before rushing it out. On the bright side, this only makes me look forward to Arkham Knight all the more. I’m split between giving this a Bargain Bin and a Rent.

  5. Arkham Origins is a great campaign with good story and amazing casts. The game got me hooked on from start to finish. The combat is same but is slightly different from the previous games if my memory is correct! I really enjoyed some of the fight scenes and the cut scenes is spectacular. The graphics is really good. The Gotham scenery is also great. The best thing is the detective mode. That was brilliant and feels very different fron the previous one. Overall it is a great campaign with some great fights, detecting/puzzles and the collectibles is not that bad as it reveals everything on the map so no need to go on YouTube :D
    There is combat mode just like before combat and predator both really good for just an extra few mins before continuing the campaign or short breaks from campaign.
    Now the worst part….. Multiplayer. The MP is a brilliant idea and I have enjoyed it when I do get a match. I have spent so many hours in the waiting lobby then I get some during multiplayer. But since WB won’t bother to fix it and that is shocking as we paid the full price for it especially for the MP part as that is new to us Batman fans!
    Overall I’d say BARGIAN BIN IT! If you are after a campaign and like Batman itself go for it, it is that brilliant! If you want to get it but want to go for the plat, then I’d highly suggest you get 7 friends to buy this game for the Platinum as you need exactly 8 players to get the MP trophies!

  6. I’ll start off by saying I don’t usually like it when the 3rd game in a ‘trilogy’ ends up as a prequel. However I feel that because Batman as a franchise has such an expansive universe Arkham Origins offered an interesting insight to the origins of this iteration of the Bat.

    I found the first few hours the most fun, as it was simply awesome taking down thugs who would stutter phrases like ‘What?! I thought he wasn’t supposed to be real!’ before you took them down. Truly gives you a feeling of being badass.

    Gameplay wise, very similar to Asylum and Origins, which is no bad thing. I’m personally glad WB didn’t shake up the formula much, and liked the way Challenges now played out from the Batcave which added a sense of cohesion. I’m sure many missed the likes of veterans Conroy and Hammill, but thought Smith and Baker did a sterling job of portraying younger versions of the Bats and the Joker respectively.

    The new inclusion of MP was interesting in theory, but ultimately a let down due to bugs and poor matchmaking. Annoyingly, it isn’t that bad once you get into a match! Not wonderful still, but didn’t bother me much as I bought for SP alone.

    If you’re looking to plat, then you’ll be hard pushed as the MP trophies make it nigh on impossible, but if you’re looking for a great origins story of a much loved hero then it’s a must. My verdict – Buy it.

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